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How does the weather affect your property, and what can you do about it?

Understanding the impact of the climate helps you put a clear cladding maintenance plan in place to protect your building.

The British weather is definitely a talking point. Whether we’re making small talk, planning bank holiday barbeques or getting caught in April showers, we’re used to the ever-changing UK climate.

However, our weather is most certainly more than a conversation starter. When it comes to your building and your cladding maintenance, understanding the effects of the climate and what it means makes the difference between a safe and smart façade and a property in a declining state of disrepair.

As a responsible building owner, property landlord or property manager, naturally you’ll want to put a cladding maintenance plan in place that meets the need of your building, its occupiers and its customers. To do that, let’s take a look at what the weather is doing to your property, so you can understand what Cladding Coatings will do to protect it.


Sun damage

The problem

Warm, sunny days aren’t usually a cause for complaint here in the UK. But for your building, bright days can spell trouble. Painted cladding is particularly vulnerable to the sun’s rays. When they shine on your building, they cause faded paintwork that looks dull, tired and flaky. This is accelerated when the weather is at its warmest.

The solution

Cladding paintwork upkeep needs to be scheduled into your cladding maintenance plan. An expert cladding recoating job, carried out by onsite spraying, can smoothly and efficiently cover a full elevation or target one problem area for a thorough, smart and even finish.

Snow and ice

The problem

For your building, the biggest problem with the coldest weather is the way it allows your cladding to expand and contract. As the temperatures reach freezing and then thaw again, this repetitive process creates even the tiniest cracks in your cladding, which water can enter. Problems such as cut-edge corrosion occur when the edges of the metal cladding sheeting starts to peel back, exposing the interior of your building to the weather.

The solution

Iceicle on gutter system

It’s a great idea to put a winter check into your cladding maintenance plan. It’ll identify weaknesses in your building’s structure caused by the freezing and thawing process, so corrosion can be repaired quickly using Cladding Coatings’ industry-leading systems and processes.


The problem

As well as entering the cracks caused by cut edge corrosion, rainfall causes huge potential problems for your building. Unsurprisingly, the worst of these usually happen on your roof. Your roof coating might be failing and allowing rainfall to enter. Or, your gutter system, which is vital to divert the water away from your property, may be performing poorly due to corroded lining or blockages.

The solution

Roof coating problems can be hard to identify. So it makes sense to include roof cladding checks as part of your building cladding maintenance plans, where Cladding Coatings will check on your roof cladding condition and act quickly to make necessary repairs. You can also ask us to take a look at your guttering systems, making a regular gutter clean part of your cladding maintenance schedule. That process removes dirt, debris and other blockages so water can flow through your gutters correctly.

Understanding the science behind the weather and its effects on your building really helps you to keep on top of your cladding maintenance. That way, you’re already aware of the potential problems, so you can call us here at Cladding Coatings as soon as possible, making sure we’re stepping in before the issue becomes beyond repair.

Of course, you can trust us to take care of things for you, with a scheduled cladding maintenance plan designed around your building’s use, location and condition. Simply get in touch with our team for our advice, or to book in your free of charge onsite survey, today.

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