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Identify the warning signs of deterioration and prevent costly replacement

Deterioration: an unavoidable problem that can be managed

It is inevitable that your building façade will succumb to some degree of deterioration. Exposure to the elements over time weathers a property’s exterior from the moment fresh new materials are installed. However, what begins simply as colour fading can soon progress to corrosion and failure of the metal cladding if the deterioration is not tackled effectively and efficiently.

You may be reluctant to begin work on a building that is showing signs of deterioration, fearing it beyond project budget and scope to replace the cladding. However, by capturing the deterioration before the cladding cracks, corrodes and, ultimately, fails, professional metal cladding wall coating refurbishment is a cost-effective solution with minimal disruption and short lead times.

Cladding Coatings

Lifecycle: preventing damage before façade failure

The lifecycle of building deterioration follows a clear pattern, and intervention before the cracking stage assures refurbishment is an option. Professional wall and roof coating experts, such as Cladding Coatings, use their extensive expertise to assess cladding deterioration on your property. The newly-installed material will, naturally, suffer from some fading in colour, which may progress to visible chalking. This is the point in the cycle at which deterioration should be identified and halted, as here the façade can be refurbished for both short and long-term cost saving benefits.

If this opportunity is missed, the façade is likely to start to crack and corrode, gradually worsening to cladding failure. At this stage, expensive and disruptive replacement is the only option.

Parcelforce aberdeen severe sheet corrosion damage

Damages: external deterioration causes internal problems

Damage to metal wall and roof cladding is more than a visual problem. Whilst deterioration has an undoubtedly negative impact on aesthetics, functionality is a significant concern. Cut-edge corrosion causes metal sheeting to peel back, hence penetrating your building’s protective seal and allowing water to enter. This exposes your building’s contents to damage from the elements, affecting expensive stock and machinery and operational abilities.

Cladding Coatings

Prevention: refurbishing to correct extreme deterioration

Metal cladding deterioration may be an inevitable problem, yet it can be prevented before the damage becomes extreme. With an awareness of the stages of façade deterioration, building owners can instruct an accredited cladding painting and restoration team, such as Cladding Coatings, to refurbish the property’s exterior. Allowing for extreme deterioration leads to cracking, corrosion and, eventually, cladding failure, leading to costly and disruptive replacement. Refurbishing damaged cladding before excessive deterioration is a practical and cost-effective necessity.

Contact us for a free site visit and we can assess what stage the deterioration is at and we can recommend the best course of action to tackle the problem.

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