Top ten tips for a polished property

Discover what type of external building refurbishment your façade needs with our ten top tips for a stand-out finish.

When it comes to your building, first impressions count. A smart and professional façade finish is the difference between inviting customers inside to seeing them walk on by, put off by appearance and spending money with your competitors instead.

Shoppers are returning to retail parks and customers are coming back to visit offices. So if you’re a building owner or property manager you know now is the time to think about refurbishment. Yet it can be tricky to know where to start.

At Cladding Coatings, we’ve used our decades of external building maintenance expertise to put together our ten top tips for building refurbishment.

1) Keep it clean

It’s natural that your façade will accumulate dirt and debris over time. This is an even more pressing problem if your building is located near foliage, industrial or coastal areas, where the climate brings even more residue that builds up on your exterior. To solve this, cladding cleaning refurbishment uses high powered cleaning systems to avoid damage, improve appearance and extend lifespan.

2) Repaint your cladding

You’ll know there are multiple factors that cause your cladding to deteriorate, from ageing and weathering to accidental damage. Yet no matter the reason, the result is often flaking and unsightly paintwork that looks unappealing and uncared for. At Cladding Coatings, our refurbishment services, such as on site spraying, remove the damaged paintwork and recoat so the cladding paintwork looks like new again. Hull, main entrance after coating

3) Stay on brand

Your brand is crucial for reputation and recognition. Yet it’s common to find your branding, such a logos or paint colourways, fades over time. Equally, you may have taken on a new unit, and need to remove the old occupier’s branding and make it your own. Rebranding and brand restoration is a big part of our refurbishment work, using our cladding painting methods and on site samples to show you what the colours will look like before we get to work.

Colour Matching

4) Choose the right colour

As well as your branding, getting the overall façade colour correct is key. You want to create the right first impression, but it can be a big commitment to know which colour is perfect without seeing it in situ first. As part of our Cladding Coatings external building refurbishment services, we offer colour matching. This unique service gives you peace of mind to match your colours just right. To boost your colour confidence, you can also choose our digital mock-up service. Here, we use a photo of your building to show you what your selected colours could look like in situ, helping you make those all-important refurbishment decisions.

5) Check on your roof

Naturally, it’s always harder to see how things are looking up on your property’s roof. Yet roof coating is essential, even if it’s not prominent in view. That’s because failing roof coating causes damage that extends down to the rest of your building, such as cut-edge corrosion problems that allow water to enter the property. For added reassurance that every problem is identified, our drone surveys will record footage of your property roof, making sure every single detail is spotted and taken care of.

6) Make sure your gutters are clear

Blocked guttering causes more than just a messy appearance. If your gutters are filled with dirt, they cannot do their important job of allowing water to drain from the property’s roof, risking huge water build up damage. Our gutter cleaning service removes the debris from your guttering, recoating where needed with industry-leading systems that offer multi-level protection.

7) Let the light in

MTS Bardon Hill Project

It’s not just your building guttering that may need a clean. Rooflights easily build up dirt, and it has a bigger effect that you may realise on your building’s appearance. Not only does rooflight refurbishment smarten up the outside of your property, clean and clear rooflights allow the sunshine to flood in and brighten up your building. At Cladding Coatings, we apply a three-coat glaze to your rooflights for optimal protection and longer rooflight life span.

8) Smarten up the interior

Now you’ve let the light liven up your building’s interior, don’t forget that internal building refurbishment matters too. Keep up that great first impression with Cladding Coatings interior decoration services, which includes industrial internal wall painting and floor painting for a smart, safe and secure property floor surface.

9) Don’t forget the details

It’s easy to think that cladding refurbishment work is all done when the walls are cleaned and painted. But remember that every small finishing touch has an impact. Whether that’s repainting bollards and soffits to factory door refurbishment that makes sure your roller shutter doors can operate and perform properly, our heavy-duty paints and careful paint application make sure of a premium finish every time.

10) Put a refurbishment plan in place

Even the most organised property manager has a business to run, so it’s natural that some refurbishment needs may go unnoticed. To protect your property at all times, ask Cladding Coatings to put a building maintenance plan in place. It’s a really cost-effective way to keep on top of things, as we’ll come to your site to assess your property’s condition, identify damage, and step in to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

To chat to us about a building maintenance plan, talk to us about your property refurbishment needs, or arrange for your free site survey, get in touch with the Cladding Coatings team today.

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