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Your Roof Could Save You Money

In today’s climate keeping a roof over your head can be hard work, but it doesn’t need to be. Your roof is a valuable asset and can save you money and here’s how.

Condition and Maintenance Checking

Unless you are in a newly built property there’s a high chance your roof needs some sort of refurbishment. Being exposed to all the elements day and night, all year round, roof cladding sheets can take a battering. The build up of debris, algae, moss and other materials can sit on the surface and will start to deteriorate the coating.

The wear and tear starts to affect the metal coating by fading, peeling or in worse cases cracking and corroding.

Cladding Coatings

Look Out for Corrosion

When metal sheets are factory cut the ends of the material are left exposed where there is no paint coating to protect the metal, over time this causes cut edge corrosion. Corrosion starts on the very tip of the metal sheet and gradually eats its way across the sheet, without any treatment this corrosion will continue to worsen and eventually the rust eats through the sheet completely.

At this stage leaks occur, holes become obvious, and it can affect the stability of the roofing, becoming a serious hazard.

Cheaper to Repair and Refurbish than to Replace

If action is not taken quickly to rectify these problems, the cost to repair and replace the metal sheets becomes expensive and the disruption is enormous which also affects the day to day operations and hence costs more money to the business.

Catching deterioration early is much more cost effective. Maintenance such as thoroughly cleaning the sheets or treating the cut edges can save a significant amount of money. All our work is guaranteed for at least 10 years so you have long term peace of mind that the roof will stay in good shape without needing to spend on anything more than an occasional clean.

Our site surveys are free and we can also provide a free digital image of your property so it doesn’t cost you anything to look at your options and have an assessment made before making any commitment to proceed with any work.

Solar panels on industrial unit roof

Solar Panel Installation

Our team also provide quotations for the installation of Solar Panels. Once your roof is refurbished why not add some solar panels to your roof that can start saving you money on your energy bills. Due to the current schemes in place and often the idyllic positioning of commercial and industrial buildings, the payback time is much shorted than you would imagine.

Subject to energy usage, solar panels can repay for themselves after approximately 2-3 years and can help towards your goals of zero carbon by 2050.

Some of the high performing, roof coating systems we use carry an even longer guarantee of up to 30 years. This exceeds the life expectancy of most solar panels, meaning your solar panels could need replacing before your roof needs recoating again.

Cladding Coatings

Put a Mansafe, Fall Arrest System In Place

In addition to coating your roof and quoting for the installation of Solar panels, we can also quote to install a mansafe, fall arrest system to your roof. The 3M™ DBI-SALA® RoofSafe Anchor and Cable System provides a horizontal lifeline system so it allows access to all parts of your roof securely. Once installed this permanent feature is available long term for all roof contractors to use safely. Having this system installed saves money on additional, expensive traditional safety equipment including railings and netting.

Once installed it makes roof access much quicker and safer which also saves money should any further work be ever carried out on the roof of the property.

Contact us to discuss your roof and let’s see how we can start to make you big savings and make your roof work harder for your business.

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