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Education reopens: is your facility secure?

News 24th February, 2021

The announcement has been made: schools are to reopen on 8th March. This is such welcome news for children’s education and wellbeing (as well as a huge positive for working […]

Drone surveys: innovative approach to safety for you and your building

News 18th February, 2021

Keeping physical distance is an important safety concern in current times. Yet that does not mean issues of building security are no longer relevant. In fact, it’s more vital than […]

It’s all in the detail: why smaller touches matter

News 10th February, 2021

It’s easy to forget the smaller details. The big problems are the ones that get your attention first, and (sometimes) rightly so. They’re the issues that are causing damage to […]

Why use dry fall paint for your commercial painting project?

News 3rd February, 2021

You’d be forgiven if you thought that a commercial painting project was going to be a big disruption. After all, a vast onsite spraying job can cover a large area […]

Freezing winter weather: why it’s bad for your building

Coating Advice 28th January, 2021

The cold winter weather has hit all areas of the UK, and shows no signs of letting up just yet. Icy conditions, heavy rain and plenty of snowfall seem to […]

Big brands, instant impact

News 19th January, 2021

Who we’ve worked with, and why they’ve chosen Cladding Coatings Transforming a building of any size is always rewarding. Refurbishing external walls and roofs to bring a façade to life, […]

New Year, new start: how you can prepare your property for 2021

News 13th January, 2021

I’m certain you feel, like we do, that 2021 has got off to a less than ideal start. Yet that doesn’t mean that our team here at Cladding Coatings are […]

Christmas Greetings

News 22nd December, 2020

Myself and my team would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!   It has been a challenging year all round and one that […]

Bespoke projects and overcoming adversity: How Cladding Coatings have supported you in 2020

News 11th December, 2020

It’s certainly not been the year that anyone expected. Like all businesses, here at Cladding Coatings we’ve faced many challenges. Yet we’ve overcome difficulties, worked closely as a strong team, […]

Free site surveys: safe, secure and stress-free

News 27th November, 2020

We often talk about our free initial site surveys. We’re proud to deliver them: they give you the opportunity to meet our team, let us see your building first-hand, and […]

Rooflights: save costs and prevent damage

News 12th November, 2020

It’s easy for the smaller details to get overlooked. When you’re assessing your unit as a whole, especially if it’s a vast site, you’ll likely focus on the main areas: […]

Your flooring in focus: safe, durable and presentable

News 29th October, 2020

Your flooring has certainly become more noticeable. It sounds a strange statement to make. However, with social distancing, everywhere we go we need to be mindful of checking the floor […]

Repair and Refurbishment this Winter

Campaigns 16th October, 2020

Repair, refurbishment or replacement of roof and wall cladding can be a difficult decision, however our teams make it easier for you by offering a free site survey and recommendations […]

Onsite spraying: make the right first impression

News 1st October, 2020

A presentable building that looks appealing, safe and well-cared for is important. If your façade is worn and tired, it looks unappealing, uninviting and unwelcoming, and exposes your property to […]

Cladding lifecycle: what are the stages and why do they matter?

News 15th September, 2020

It is only natural that your cladding will begin to deteriorate over time. There are lots of factors at play here: exposure to the elements, direct weather damage, wear and […]

Rainfall Damage

News 3rd September, 2020

In warm weather and glorious sunshine, it can be easy to forget the areas of your property prone to damage from rainfall. Over the past few months, we’ve been blessed […]

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Education reopens: is your facility secure?
24th February, 2021

The announcement has been made: schools are to reopen on 8th March. This is such welcome news for children’s education and wellbeing (as well as a huge positive for working […]

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