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The devil’s in the detail

Identify, and fix, smaller building issues before they become big problems It’s easy to look at a facade and not see any cause for concern. All paintwork looks intact. There’s no sign of rust. And you can’t see a corroded…
Accreditations 2019

Accreditation, and why it matters to you

At Cladding Coatings, we’re always striving to be at the top of our game. One way we do that is to seek accreditation. Professional bodies heavily regulate our industry, and rightly so. We need to ensure that our clients and…
colour palette

The Colour Spectrum of your Building

Colour has played a significant and crucial part of architectural design for centuries; many people believe that your chosen colour pigment speaks volumes about the image you are wishing to portray about your company. Selecting a colour for your building…
Roof renovation revisted

Restoring Revolting Roofs

A building’s life span is dependent on various different factors. These include location, weather, maintenance plans and systems used. One area of particular concern is your property’s roof, which inevitably bears the weight of inclement weather, dirt and debris accumulation…
Iceicle on gutter system

Winter Warehouse Warnings

The cold, icy weather is upon is and the frost is beginning to bite. You are enjoying the nice, cosy warmth inside your building, whilst the outside is suffering and fighting the elements. Without the proper protection, areas of your…
External Cladding Refurbishment

Make the right first impression in 2019

When we make our New Year’s resolutions, we commit to positively change things in the coming year, both personally and professionally. When it comes to your business, a new year is the perfect time to reevaluate. Does your company make…
cladding coatings cladding wrapping

Is your building wrapped for Christmas?

Are you hanging up your stockings on the wall?  As the Christmas season fast approaches, don’t forget, it is not just the Christmas presents that can be wrapped.  Your commercial property can also be covered with our refurbishment service, cladding…

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Rotrex mock up in blue

What is a digital mock-up, and how will it help you?

Make those crucial colour choices for your cladding with a digital mock-up to help you picture the façade finish before work begins. You’ve made the decision to have your external wall cladding painting work completed. You know it’s the right…