Cut edge corrosion & tor elastaseal

Cladding coatings expert team is able to repair and refurbish metal cladding sheeting using industry leading, Tor Elastaseal™. Over time and when exposed to the elements, cladding can peel back and deteriorate, which may mean it is no longer watertight.


  • Best rates per linear meter on overlap edges and gutter-end edges
  • Tor Coating System Used
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Free consultation, advice and survey
  • Ten year guarantee

Cut edge corrosion describes the breakdown of the cut edge on metal cladding sheeting which, when exposed to the elements, causes peel back and deterioration. To ensure your building remains watertight we apply Tor Elastaseal™ an industry leading system, to treat the damage of the metal cladding which is then protected by our ten year guarantee.

If cut edge corrosion is left untreated, it can eat into the metal cladding which will lead to weaknesses in the structure where water can enter the building. Once this starts, the condition of the cladding will deteriorate rapidly which will affect the value of the building and increase maintenance and repair costs dramatically.

Cladding Coatings Ltd are approved Tor Partners, the scheme which is operated by Tor Coatings ensures Tor’s systems are installed correctly by trained, experienced and competent painting contractors.

Tor Elastaseal™ is applied by brush, and is safe and easy to install, suitable for most roof types and is long lasting. Once the top coat is applied it can blend in with the surrounding roof area. A fibre reinforcement tape is used as part of the system giving extra strength.

Our specialist cut edge corrosion team are highly skilled and have had many years’ experience with Tor Elastaseal, repairing and treating the damage caused by cut edge corrosion and subsequent weather damage.

If necessary, we will work around your operating hours to ensure minimum disruption of your day-to-day operations so you can carry on as normal whilst we carry out the treatment.

If your cladding is starting to decline or is letting water into the building, call us on 0161 626 3493 to speak to a specialist or to organise a free site visit to your location, where we can discuss and assess the damage in detail.

Whatever the problem, big or small; don’t be afraid to call us for some friendly advice, we’re always happy to offer our expertise and guidance.