External Walls

The exterior of your building is the first thing your customers and members of the public will see when they arrive at your premises.Therefore, it is vital your building looks well-maintained so that it produces a great, lasting first impression, which is especially crucial for shops and businesses that are open to the public!Cladding Coatings external wall services will renovate your building and produce a great looking building you can be proud of.Over time, the coating and paint on the building will begin to fade, crack and peel. As a result, our professional on-site spraying services are the ideal solution to re-coat and re-paint your building’s face producing a smooth, protective and appealing surface.Our specialist refurbishment services can be used on a range of building types such as cladding, masonry and wooden exteriors. Our services are specifically selected with the requirements of the client and building in mind. We give your façade a full face-lift, looking like new coupled with our 10-year guarantee.
DHL façade finish after refurbishment

Wall Cladding Coating

We have a number of cladding painting systems that can be applied to your building depending on its current state and level of damage, we also offer a minimum ten year guarantee on our work.
Motorpoint Shop front After External Refurbishment

Shopfront Spraying

Our specialist shopfront spraying team are highly talented and have had many years experience restoring old, and tired shop fronts back to their former glory.
Cladding Coatings cladding refurbishment - Synertec Warrington

On-site Spraying

Cladding Coatings Ltd offers a wide range of on-site spraying services for commercial and industrial properties including warehouses, factories, retail outlets, showrooms and offices. We specialise in the on-site spraying of vertical wall cladding.
Runcorn Industrial Unit Windows

Window Coating

Window coating, repair and refurbishment is an essential part of your façade upkeep. We offer a thorough window coating service that can form part of a large scheme of work or carried out as a standalone project, with coating applications carefully completed with minimal disruption.
Cedral Weatherboard Service

Cedral Weatherboard

Cedral weatherboard is an excellent alternative to traditional cladding. Quick to install, easy to maintain and with many benefits, it makes a perfect choice for the refurbishment of your exterior.
Onsite Cleaning of External Cladding

Cladding Cleaning

Cladding Coatings offer a variety of cladding cleaning and restoration services to improve the appearance of your industrial building. Services include roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, wall cladding cleaning and door and window cleaning.
Cladding Coatings Cladding Wrapping

Cladding Wrapping

Cladding Wrapping is the new service that transforms the facade cladding on a building without the need for painting. Cladding Wrapping is the process of covering the existing cladding with a specialist multi-layered film.
Nano coating

Nano Coating

Nano Coating is a new service that offers addition protection to the surface of the roof or wall. Applied over the coating system it extends the life of the coating and allows easy maintenance.
Metal Cladding Failure

Cladding Repair

Our specialist team is able to carry out cladding repair services on a wide variety of buildings and material types. We can repair cut edge corrosion or damages and re-spray on-site, leaving the external wall looking like new again.
Nelson House Front After Coating

Masonry Coating

There are a number of coating systems that we can recommend for masonry walls, we can advise which will be the most suitable choice for your building. Whether it be render, brick or stone, we have a solution for all types of external walls.
Roller Door Re-coating

Factory Door Painting

We specialise in the on-site repair and refurbishment of factory doors so you will avoid the costly process of replacement whilst still improving the appearance of your property. We use a 200% flexible, heavy duty industrial painting system on factory doors.
Aquinas College Wooden Cladding Spraying Refurbishment

Wooden Cladding Coating

Wooden wall cladding requires treating or re-painting over time. Depending on the level of damage to the existing wall, you can avoid the costly process of replacing individual wooden panels by repairing and re-painting your existing cladding.

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