Cladding Repair

Our specialist team is able to carry out cladding repair services on a wide variety of buildings and material types. We can repair cut edge corrosion or damages and re-spray on-site, leaving the external wall looking like new again.

When an area of your cladding begins to decline, you may feel uneasy about the prospect of repairing it, fearing a large-scale, expensive task.

Our cladding repair service is the ideal solution. It allows us to target the key areas of your building that need work, with a focussed building repair project tailored exactly to your needs for a bespoke, protected façade finish.

Roof Repair and Painting

Targeted repairs

Full cladding respraying and building refurbishment is, of course, the type of project we often do here at Cladding Coatings. Yet it doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you, as you may just need just a few panels or a specific area of cladding repaired (as a standalone project or in addition to full cladding refurbishment work). Building repair before the damage becomes extensive allows you to avoid the cost and chaos of replacement, which would be inevitable if the area of the facade were left untreated.

Corrosion treatment

An oft-seen reason for metal cladding and roofing sheet repair is cut-edge corrosion damage. A common problem, cut-edge corrosion occurs at the edge of sheets and around openings, such as windows, doors and rooflights. As the metal cladding sheeting begins to peel back, it exposes the interior of your building to the elements. Experienced in cut-edge corrosion repair, and using optimal corrosion protection systems, we target key areas for cladding repair before water enters your property.

Polished finish

However small, a damaged area of your exterior cladding negatively impacts your presentable facade finish. Areas can be impacted by location, such as the sea-facing side of a property or the area closest to foliage. In retail premises, sometimes damage can occur to cladding near ground level and around shop entrances, caused by shoppers and trolleys. Cladding repair on these key areas of your property delivers a consistent, polished and professional finish.

Specific focus

Cladding repair is not limited to metal sheeting. Other types of cladding materials can also be repaired, including wooden cladding and masonry cladding. Examples include our work on the Aquinas College project, where the wooden cladding had failed around nail heads and joints. In this case, water was found to be pooling, which had in turn absorbed into the full elevation: a strong example of how more extensive cladding repair work can be tackled by our team.

Take a look at the video and images below, where you’ll see a range of buildings where we worked on specific sections of the cladding that needed tailored treatment.

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Key Benefits

  • Not limited to metal sheeting; other types of cladding materials can also be repaired, including wood and masonry
  • Replacing rather than repairing areas of the façade, can be more disruptive and expensive
  • Specialists in cut edge corrosion repair and is an approved Tor partner, enabling the use of Tor Elastaseal
  • Repair and recoat to make your building look like new again
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Free of charge quotations and on-site visits

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