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Cladding Wrapping

When a building’s façade requires refurbishment due to age, discolouration, peeling, corrosion or re-branding normally only a few options are available. Replacement can be costly and disruptive and often unnecessary providing the structure is sound. The alternative is to re-coat the cladding.

Coating by painting and spraying is the mainstream solution, but now Cladding Coatings is able, to offer a new innovative service of cladding wrapping.

What is Cladding Wrapping?

Cladding Wrapping is the process of covering the existing cladding with a specialist multi-layered film whilst in situ or by individual panel during installation.

Where is it Used?

Cladding wrapping is ideal for sensitive environments such as car showrooms, hospitals, public buildings and airports where a fast application is critical. It can be applied to metal (steel, Aluminium, Copper). The wrapping system can not only be used on cladding panels but also window and door frames.

How is it Applied?

Normally only one or two applicators are required for the application. They will prepare the facade to ensure a smooth dirt free surface. Unlike preparation for painting, there is no need for high-pressure cleaning. The special pre-cut vinyl sheets are then placed carefully over each panel and smoothed to the surface. Due to its air-release technology, the film is bubble free. The edges are trimmed and applied and smoothed around corners and panel ends.

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Key Benefits

  • Cheaper option than replacing with new materials
  • Ideal for sensitive environments such as car showrooms, hospitals, public buildings and airports where a fast application is critical
  • Can also be used on windows and doors
  • No need for high-pressure cleaning
  • Free surveys, quotes, samples and colour charts within 7 days from your enquiry
  • 10-year insurance backed guarantee
  • Work around your schedule to ensure minimum disruptions to your business

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