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Cladding Wrapping

Building refurbishment is a necessity at some point in the life of your premises. When your façade shows signs of ageing, discolouration, peeling or corrosion, you are typically faced with a limited number of ways to fix the problem.

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At Cladding Coatings, we know that cladding recoating is most commonly done with cladding paint or cladding spraying. Though they remain the most popular methods, they’re not always the best approaches for your façade repainting needs. Therefore, we’re now able to offer another solution: cladding wrapping.

Adaptable process

Cladding wrapping is another way you can avoid the expensive, disruptive process of cladding replacement. To make it doubly advantageous, the wrapping process can be done both before the cladding has been installed and once it is in place. The existing cladding is covered with a multi-layered film applied to individual panels during the installation process, or once repairs are required in situ, giving your project ultimate flexibility.

Ease of application

Cladding painting preparation usually involves high pressure cleaning, which prepares the façade for repainting by ensuring a smooth surface free from dirt and debris. However, with cladding wrapping, this is not required – increasing project speed and decreasing timescales. Instead, pre-cut vinyl sheets are placed carefully over each cladding panel as required. The edges are trimmed and applied, and smoothed around corners and panel ends. What’s more, due to its air-release technology, the film is bubble free.

Speed and sensitivity

Many environments necessitate swift cladding refurbishment. These include car showrooms, hospitals, public buildings and airports, where fast application is crucial to maintain essential operations and uphold images. As cladding wrapping can be applied to a variety of metals, including steel, copper and aluminium, and done so quickly, it is ideal for these sensitive environments.

Varied sizes

Cladding panels vary hugely in size, so cladding wrapping needs to be available in a multitude of sizes, created bespoke to suit your requirements. Not only is our cladding wrapping service entirely tailored to your building refurbishment needs, it can be used on window and door frames too – giving you ultimate flexibility, consistency, and peace of mind.


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Key Benefits

  • Cheaper option than replacing with new materials
  • Ideal for sensitive environments such as car showrooms, hospitals, public buildings and airports where a fast application is critical
  • Can also be used on windows and doors
  • No need for high-pressure cleaning
  • Free surveys, quotes, samples and colour charts within 7 days from your enquiry
  • 10-year insurance backed guarantee
  • Work around your schedule to ensure minimum disruptions to your business

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