Masonry Coating

There are a number of coating systems that we can recommend for masonry walls, we can advise which will be the most suitable choice for your building. Whether it be render, brick or stone, we have a solution for all types of external walls.

Every building is unique, with specific composition and structure. Coating of each type of property must be conducted using the right systems for each particular material to achieve the presentable and protective façade finish that you need.

Masonry Coating Service

As part of our extensive offering, we provide a masonry coating service that has been tried, tested and proven on a range of building refurbishment projects across the UK.

Replacement avoidance

All building replacement work is costly and disruptive, so we encourage repair and refurbishment at every opportunity to save you money and minimise operational impact. As masonry can often encompass multiple units and heavy-duty materials with high durability, avoiding replacement is particularly important. Masonry coating, therefore, is crucial to recoat your building’s external walls and roofs before replacement becomes the only option.

Combined approach

Masonry and more common cladding materials are often found on the same building. This means our considered approach to multiple coating methods is important so you can rest assured we understand how to treat each different type of surface. A good example to illustrate this is a recent onsite spraying project at a Tesla car showroom, when we needed to apply different methods to different façade areas for a successful building refurbishment project. For optimal peace of mind, why not ask us to provide onsite samples for different material types at your site free of charge?

Careful treatment

Masonry is often rightly considered an art form: after all, it creates beautiful, unique façade finishes. Therefore, you need to be able to trust that your masonry cladding coating contractor of choice can deliver the results you need and treat your property with care. With extensive experience, in-house expertise, and hundreds of projects to our name, you can rest assured Cladding Coatings will take the pride in your building refurbishment project that it deserves. Our testimonials from happy clients back this up: why not take a look?

Call us on 0161 626 3493 to speak to a specialist or organise a free site visit to your location, where we can discuss and assess the damage in detail.

Key Benefits

  • Range of different refurbishment systems suitable for onsite painting or spraying any type of shop front
  • Cheaper option than replacing with new materials
  • Unique colour matching service which means no limits to the colours we can use
  • We use a highly trusted system called Noxyde from Rust-Oleum
  • Free on-site sample service to ensure correct colour is chosen before proceeding
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Free surveys, quotes, samples and colour charts within 7 days from your enquiry
  • Work around your schedule to ensure minimum disruptions to your business

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