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Window Coating

Window coating, repair and refurbishment is an essential part of your façade upkeep. Yet, all too often, their maintenance is forgotten or even ignored.

At Cladding Coatings, we offer a thorough window coating service that can form part of a large scheme of work or carried out as a standalone project, with coating applications carefully completed with minimal disruption.

Varied materials
Our window coating work is primarily done on aluminium frames. For this, we use our trusted coating system Noxyde by Rust-Oleum, which is tried and tested and known for its exceptional anti-corrosion properties. However, we can also recoat windows with frames of other metals or even wooden frames, which can form part of our wooden cladding refurbishment service.

Brand consistency
Let us make sure that every finer detail of your façade meets your high standards. Windows that are forgotten can stand-out for the wrong reasons if they have faded, shabby paintwork that fails to match the rest of your building. Our unique colour-matching service ensures your window frames are coated to perfectly match your branding with a consistent, polished image.

Damage prevention
When left in a state of disrepair, window frames can be highly problematic. They may be a small area, but they’re particularly prone to cut-edge corrosion and weathering. Therefore, we ensure they are well-maintained to prevent damage. With our window coatings service, you also avoid reaching a stage where window frame replacement is required as the damage has become too extensive. Recoating window frames now avoids this significant, expensive task.

Inviting finish
Window frames that look worn and shabby can ruin the effect of a beautifully finished façade. Our window coating service makes sure that your entire building is completed to a high standard. This is particularly important for office sites, where a professional image must be maintained, and shopfronts that need to look inviting to attract customers.

Find out more about our window coating services by contacting our team today.

Key Benefits

  • Repairing and refurbishing window frames before replacement becomes an unavoidable expense.
  • Careful on-site paint spraying with attention to detail that’s focussed on one key area.
  • Unique colour-matching to make sure every part of your façade is on-brand.
  • Aluminium, other metal and even wooden window coating available.
  • Minimum of ten-year guarantee with our trusted anti-corrosion paint system.

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