Here at Cladding Coatings, we are leading the way in building maintenance, our many years of experience has left us experts in our field, and as such allows us to provide our customers with specialist quality repair and maintenance services.Over time, a building will become the victim of many forms of damage and deterioration, many of which are caused by ageing and weathering. Without regular maintenance, the condition of your building will only worsen, and more permanent damages will occur, leaving you with an unprotected and potentially hazardous structure.We have a range of maintenance and repair services ideal for treating both internal and external damages. From wall and roof repairs and recoating, to internal floor re-painting, our expert team can access and refurbish your premises from top to bottom.We produce a clean, repaired and well-protected finish that is not only aesthetically pleasing but inline with any branding or customer requirements.  In addition to this, we also treat forms of cut edge corrosion, a prevalent issue with dated buildings. If cut edge corrosion is left untreated, it can become a far costlier problem and a very unsafe issue.Our highly professional team will transform your failing unit by maintaining its structure and façade for the following ten years while leaving it looking as good as new!
Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

Cut Edge Corrosion Repair

Cladding coatings expert team is able to repair and refurbish metal cladding sheeting using industry-leading, Tor Elastaseal™ Fibretex. Over time and when exposed to the elements, cladding can peel back and deteriorate, which may mean it is no longer watertight.
Roof Repair and Painting

Metal Roof Repair

Your roof is naturally prone to damage. It bears the brunt of falling debris, the sun’s rays and the force of the elements. This often leads to your metal roof requiring repair.
Plygene System

Gutter Lining

Cladding Coatings carry out a range of roof maintenance, repair and refurbishment services on a variety of different building types, these services are particularly suited for commercial and industrial premises.
Internal Decoration and Windows

Interior Decoration

We use high-quality coating systems which give you the best possible overall professional finish. We have a broad range of colours to choose from when deciding to undergo an internal refurbishment.
Metal Cladding Failure

Cladding Repair

Our specialist team is able to carry out cladding repair services on a wide variety of buildings and material types. We can repair cut edge corrosion or damages and re-spray on-site, leaving the external wall looking like new again.
Hertford Unit Internal Flooring

Floor Painting

We use high-quality floor coating systems which are ideal for heavy duty environments where industrial equipment is commonplace. We have a wide range of colours to choose from with the option of additional line markings and pathways available.
Gutter Refurbishment Service

Gutter Cleaning & Coating

We specialise in the maintenance and repair of guttering and will increase the life expectancy of your guttering system. We will clean out your gutters, re-seal any joints internally and apply a liquid fibre coating which forms a protective lining.
Roller Door Re-coating

Factory Door Painting

We specialise in the on-site repair and refurbishment of factory doors so you will avoid the costly process of replacement whilst still improving the appearance of your property. We use a 200% flexible, heavy duty industrial painting system on factory doors.

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