There are many elements to your building that you need to maintain regularly. One of these elements is your building’s roof, but due to access, it is often a forgotten commodity.Just like other areas of your façade, your roof will become damaged and begin to deteriorate over time. One of the most common issues on a roof is corrosion and cracking, these problems can be hazardous if left untreated, and in severe cases can cause roof collapsing.We provide specialist roof coating and repair services that will renovate the head of your building.We treat and repair the corrosion on a roof, preventing it from worsening and leaving the sheets protected. We can also re-coat and respray the roof with our protective paint, giving it a new appealing look.Cladding Coatings can also clean and repair your rooflights, allowing for external light to enter your interior – potentially saving you on unnecessary lighting and electricity bills.We can also use our innovative nano-coating service to produce a water-resistant finish to your roof sheets, and this will help prevent water damage, cracks and corrosion.
Cladding Coatings

RoofSafe Installation

Install a RoofSafe, fall arrest system on your roof and provide long term safe access cost effectively.Our teams have been trained and received accreditation when it was first available in 2019. We are very familiar and experienced in using the safety system, making us a trusted contractor to install the horizontal line, fall arrest system to your roof. About the System The system we use is the 3M™ DBI-SALA® RoofSafe Anchor and Cable System. It comprises of a horizontal line which is installed around the roof, fixed by anchor points which can span up to 15m between each fixed point.…

Solar panels on industrial unit roof

Preparation For Solar

If you have decided to have solar panels fitted to your roof, you will need to ensure it is in a suitable condition. Metal roof coating can deteriorate over time which can cause severe problems for your property if not addressed. Roofs bear the brunt of the ever-changing weather. Therefore, they often become damaged, and their metal roof coating starts to peel away, and areas of corrosion can develop, which can cause problems for your building. Cladding coatings have years of experience refurbishing metal roof cladding on commercial and industrial buildings using the highest quality systems backed by longstanding guarantees.…

Former Poundstretcher Leicester Roof

Roof coating

Our specialist on-site roof spraying team are highly skilled and have had many years’ experience renovating cracked and corroded metal roof cladding to its original condition.
Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

Cut Edge Corrosion Repair

Cladding coatings expert team is able to repair and refurbish metal cladding sheeting using industry-leading, Tor Elastaseal™ Fibretex. Over time and when exposed to the elements, cladding can peel back and deteriorate, which may mean it is no longer watertight.
Roof Repair and Painting

Metal Roof Repair

Your roof is naturally prone to damage. It bears the brunt of falling debris, the sun’s rays and the force of the elements. This often leads to your metal roof requiring repair.
Plygene System

Gutter Lining

Cladding Coatings carry out a range of roof maintenance, repair and refurbishment services on a variety of different building types, these services are particularly suited for commercial and industrial premises.
Flat Roof Refurbishment Coating Service

Flat Roof Refurbishment

Cladding Coatings flat roof refurbishment uses industry-leading technology that is unrivalled, offering significant benefits over traditional sheet roofing materials. Repair and protect your flat roof with our specialist liquid coating system.
Roof Light Restoration

Rooflight Refurbishment

We specialise in the repair of glass fibre-reinforced plastic (grp) rooflights and can significantly increase the lifespan of your rooflights with our roof light repair system. Our industrial coating services provide cleaning, sealing and applying a three coat glaze.
Gutter Refurbishment Service

Gutter Cleaning & Coating

We specialise in the maintenance and repair of guttering and will increase the life expectancy of your guttering system. We will clean out your gutters, re-seal any joints internally and apply a liquid fibre coating which forms a protective lining.

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