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Gutter Cleaning & Coating

Rain guttering is often overlooked. It is rarely in prominent view, so its maintenance is regularly forgotten and last on your building refurbishment list.

In fact, rain guttering is one of the most essential parts of your roof system. It has the vital job of collecting and diverting water from your roof. To stop problems caused from standing water and allow your guttering to perform properly to protect your building, it’s essential to include gutter cleaning, coating and repair services as part of your building maintenance schedule.

Preventing damage

Overgrown vegetation or overhanging trees cause blockages to your rainwater system. It’s crucial to keep the guttering clear from this foliage to avoid debris build-up that impacts guttering performance. As your guttering holds water, both stationary and flowing, gutter maintenance helps prevent cut-edge corrosion – where the guttering surface peels back and exposes it to elements. To avoid this, we strongly recommend you clean your gutters at least once per year.

Industry-leading systems

Your building should be treated using only the most suitable systems, and your guttering is no exception. At Cladding Coatings, we use the industry-leading coating system from Tor Coatings: Elastaseal™ HD gutter system. It provides long-term waterproofing solutions to a wide range of gutters. The system also provides reinforcement to joints, and the heavy-duty coating has excellent weathering properties and UV stability.

Multi-level protection

To protect your gutter system thoroughly, we provide many layers of gutter coating and recoating. A typical build-up of our approved system may look a little like the image below:

A Primer
B Elastaseal™ Embedment coat
C Elastamat™ reinforcement (applied to the wet embedment coat)
D Elastaseal™ HD topcoat(s)

  • These multi-levels of protection ensure your gutter systems receive optimal treatment, which, when used, can last up to 20 years before first maintenance is scheduled.

Ongoing maintenance

As gutter cleaning is a regular requirement, we can build a gutter maintenance schedule based on your property’s condition and its location (e.g. proximity to vegetation and trees). At each maintenance visit, we’ll clean out your gutters, re-seal any joints internally and apply a liquid fibre coating, which forms a protective lining. We’ll also fill and smooth out the internal gutter surface to ensure a good flow of water.

Download the Elastaseal™ HD Gutter System datasheet here.

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Key Benefits

  • Prevent damage from standing water
  • Can last up to 20 years
  • Approved Tor partner, enabling the use of Tor Elastaseal
  • Can offer a maintenance package to ensure gutters are cleaned every year
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Free of charge quotations and on-site visits
  • Work around your schedule to ensure minimum disruptions to your business

This is how we do it: 


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