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Cladding Coatings carry out a range of roof maintenance, repair and refurbishment services on a variety of different building types, these services are particularly suited for commercial and industrial premises.

Gutter cleaning and recoating is an essential part of your building maintenance project to remove blockages and repair cut-edge corrosion. Yet, sometimes, when leaks occur, you need gutter lining repair work on your gutter systems to stop the problems in their tracks.

At Cladding Coatings, we offer gutter lining as one of our newest additions to our service portfolio. Gutter lining repairs damage caused to your gutter systems to address the cracks and holes that cause leaks, keeping your property secure.

Cladding CoatingsMultiple property types

Whatever the type and purpose of your building, gutter lining repair and refurbishment is suitable. We work on commercial and industrial properties, as well as those designed for more tailor-made purposes, such as football stadiums. Every project receives the same professional finish and attention to detail, as well as our guarantee of a minimum of ten years.

Repairing damage

Your building is prone to natural weathering and ageing: it’s an unavoidable occurrence over time, yet it causes damage that can be hugely problematic if not addressed. Leaks in a gutter can cause damage, such as corrosion and internal damp issues. Gutter lining repairs cracks, holes and gaps in the gutter to avoid any leakages, protecting both the interior and exterior of your property, its appearance and its contents.

Avoiding replacement

Your gutter system is extensive and essential to your building’s functionality. Therefore, replacing it would be incredibly expensive, disruptive and have a significant impact on your business’ operations. Avoid this costly task by repairing with gutter lining refurbishment work. It’s a cheaper, less intrusive and simpler project than replacement, and it captures any issues before they get out of hand.

Latest systems

We’re committed to using the latest, most innovative systems in our building refurbishment projects, and gutter lining is no exception. We use a highly-protective system from Sharman’s called Plygene Gutterline, which is specially formulated to restore deteriorating gutter systems with guaranteed leak and weather corrosion prevention. We’ve also recently become approved WeatherFast WeatherFOLD gutter system installers, which is a hard physical metal liner designed for use on commercial and industrial gutter systems. See how we’ve used this system on a vast gutter lining installation project.

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