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Gutter Lining

Cladding Coatings carry out a range of roof maintenance, repair and refurbishment services on a variety of different building types, these services are particularly suited for commercial and industrial premises.

As natural weathering and ageing progresses on a building, this causes detrimental issues to different areas of the facade, including on the roofs and gutters. Luckily we have an impressive range of roof refurbishment services to treat these damages, one of which is our gutter lining treatment. Gutter lining is a new service that will repair cracks, holes and gaps in the gutter to avoid any leakages. Leaks in a gutter can cause damages such as corrosion and internal damp issues, once the impairments arise they quickly worsen and can be detrimental to the functionality of your business.

We use a highly protective system from Sharman’s called Plygene Gutterline,  a system which is specially formulated to restore deteriorating gutter systems. Plygene has been skillfully engineered to guarantee leak and weather corrosion prevention, it is the ideal solution to fill and repair the cracks and gaps in the gutter systems to prevent leakage and corrosion damage. Plygene is the market and industry leading gutter system, providing unrivaled resistance to damage, with excellent air tightness and durability providing the solution with exceptionally high-performance standards. It is made from an incredibly strong thermoplastic blend engineered specifically for the gutter environment, making it the ideal solution for gutter maintenance and repair.

Our specialist team are experts in refurbishing and treating failing gutter systems, this new service will restore and prolong your gutters lifespan for at least 10-years.

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Read more about Plygene Gutterline here.

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