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Metal Roof Repair

Metal Roof Repair or Replacement Solutions

Your roof is naturally prone to damage. It bears the brunt of falling debris, the sun’s rays and the force of the elements. This often leads to your metal roof requiring repair.

It may be the case that just a small section of your roof has been damaged. Perhaps this is the section closest to foliage or the coastline, or the area that has begun to leak. In these cases, we can repair only the part of your roof in question, avoiding large scale disruption and keeping budgets in check.

Naturally, your roof’s condition may be hard to access. At Cladding Coatings, we offer drone surveys that allow us to fully assess your roof. We’re fully licenced to pilot the drones, which record video footage of your roof that we can playback to provide a detailed, accurate and fair assessment and quotation. They also give chance for before and after reviews of our work, showing where the targeted areas of damage were and how we’ve been able to repair them.

Cut-edge corrosion is also a common concern with metal sheet roofing. This happens when the edge of the metal sheets at the end of the roof or around openings (such as doors and windows) breaks down. It peels and deteriorates, allowing water to enter the building and cause damage to its contents.

Our team has extensive experience repairing a wide variety of roofs, including flat roofs, and can also repair rooflights and guttering.

Repairing your roof cladding before the damage becomes extensive saves the disruptive and costly task of full roof replacement. However, if the damage goes too far and it does need replacement, then we can carry out this for you too and match up with your existing sheets.

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Key Benefits:

  • Work with approved specialist coating systems to repair cut-edge corrosion providing a long lasting quality finish
  • Specific sections or damage can be targeted and replaced if necessary
  • Repair minimises risk of replacement later
  • Free site visits and no obligation quotations
  • Option of drone surveys to access all areas of the roof
  • Minimum 10-year insurance-backed guarantee

If your roof only requires minimum repair or simply needs re-coating then take a look at our roof coating service here.

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