Rooflight Refurbishment

We specialise in the repair of glass fibre-reinforced plastic (grp) rooflights and can significantly increase the lifespan of your rooflights with our roof light repair system. Our industrial coating services provide cleaning, sealing and applying a three coat glaze.

Rooflights are an often-forgotten part of your building. However, they are essential to maintain, and neglecting to look after them can be incredibly damaging and expensive.

Our rooflight refurbishment service makes sure your rooflights are clean and cared for, letting in natural light, prolonging rooflight lifespan and even reducing your bills

Preventing replacement

Glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP) roof lights are common on a variety of building types. However, they become dirty, fibrous, absorbent, and fragile to the point where replacement is the only option, which is an expensive and disruptive process. Our rooflight refurbishment service not only prevents the problem becoming too widespread and problematic, we also offer a five-year planned maintenance schedule for increased peace of mind.

Clear and clean

Rooflights are prone to heavy build up of dirt and debris. Therefore, we use industrial coating systems to clean your rooflights. Once residue is cleaned, we seal the lights and apply a three-coat glaze, which stops dirt and debris from sticking to the rooflights again. The result is a cleaner finish for longer, a professional exterior, and a brighter interior with more natural light.

Long-term savings

There’s a significant increase in natural light after rooflight refurbishment. Not only does this prevent costly replacement, it means the rooflights remain cleaner for longer, providing more natural light internally and decreasing lighting expenses. This reduction in the need for artificial light inside the unit is better for the environment too.

Proven methods

It’s crucial to test products and continually look for new, efficient methods. We carried out an experiment on a roof to see the difference between an uncoated and coated roof light. Watch the video below to see the results. You can also download our information sheet exploring products, methods and results in detail.

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Key Benefits

  • Cleaning rooflights improves the light, saving you money on electricity in the long-run
  • A treated rooflight is self-cleaning
  • A treated rooflight remains cleaner for longer
  • Maintenance and treatment extends the rooflights’ life
  • Never need to replace a roof light
  • 5 year planned maintenance options for peace of mind
  • Work around your schedule to ensure minimum disruptions to your business

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