RoofSafe Installation

Install a RoofSafe, fall arrest system on your roof and provide long term safe access cost effectively.
Our teams have been trained and received accreditation when it was first available in 2019.

We are very familiar and experienced in using the safety system, making us a trusted contractor to install the horizontal line, fall arrest system to your roof.

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About the System

The system we use is the 3M™ DBI-SALA® RoofSafe Anchor and Cable System. It comprises of a horizontal line which is installed around the roof, fixed by anchor points which can span up to 15m between each fixed point. The system then allows the attachment of a harness which is worn by the person on the roof.

This allows safe access to all roof areas with handsfree to carry out maintenance or repair work. Designed to prevent falls it removes the need for additional safety barriers and netting. The 3M™ DBI-SALA® RoofSafe Anchor and Cable System is suitable for any type or size of building.

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Roof Safety

We take safety onsite extremely seriously and the welfare of our staff and our customers is number one priority.

Carrying out work at height carries plenty of dangers and a fall would result in catastrophic injury and possible death. Changes in weather, fragile roof elements, slips and trips, wind, steep inclines and slippery surfaces can all add to the dangers, so providing a safe system of work is essential, ensuring both compliance with regulations and the safety of employees and contractors.

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The continuous hands-free, uninterrupted access and ease of movement reduces the time spent on your roof: increasing safety and decreasing your costs.

The system once installed, remains in place permanently. This means that any contractor working on the roof at any time in the future can use the system if they have the correct training.

By having this system already in situ, it will save you money time and time again as you will not need additional safety railings and netting that you would otherwise need to invest in during maintenance, repair work or other roof investigations.

The toggle fixing method for flat roofing systems speeds up installation time and reduces thermal bridging, reducing heat loss from a building which is also a saving in energy costs.

  • Fast to install
  • Provides quicker and easier access
  • Increases roof safety
  • Cost effective
  • Long term solution
  • Reduces need for additional railings and netting
  • Can save on energy costs

Cladding Coatings
Installation Service

We provide a quotation for the installation of the RoofSafe system, it is then installed by a professional team ready for use at any time. The system is quick and easy to install, and unobtrusive: providing a cost-effective, visually-pleasing, welcome alternative to cumbersome scaffolding.

The system can be used for either work restraint or fall arrest and can be installed on standing seam, composite and built up roofing systems and multiple flat roofing and membrane roofing systems.

Whilst on site our surveyor can check the condition of your roof and will be able to offer a no obligation quotation and recommendations for any other refurbishment work if required.

Inspections will then be carried out by our team every year to ensure that the system remains safe and in good condition.

Contact us to arrange a quotation for the installation of RoofSafe, fall arrest system to your property.

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