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We can take a photo of your building and create your vision on screen before we even start on site.

Cladding coatings are highly experienced in coating a wide range of roofs and walls and have a large amount of knowledge regarding what will work best on the building. However, sometimes the customer is indecisive with the colours and branding they want for their premises. This is where our free digital mock-up service can help.

We can work with you from the very beginning to provide support, coupled with our expertise; we can make your vision become a reality. By merely emailing us a photo of your premises, or arranging an on-site visit with us at no cost to you, we can then mock-up a digital visualisation of how the building will look before and after refurbishment. This will be an edited version of the photo of your building, which will showcase to you what the end result will look like based on your chosen coatings.

This allows you to play with colour schemes and ensure your choice of coating works with your premises and its environment. Whilst the colours on a digital mock-up are a close match, there are many variables with screens, lighting and colour modes which mean it will never be exactly as it will be applied to the material on the building. However, it will undoubtedly give you a good idea of what the finished result will look like.

We carried out this service during our project at Dukeries Academy. The client was indecisive on what colours they wanted on their external façade and as a result, asked us to mock them up an image of the building with various colour schemes, so they were able to identify the one they preferred the most.

If you are thinking of re-coating your walls or roofs or you are wondering what your building “could” look like, get in touch with us or email us a good quality photo of your premises.

Key Benefits

  • Helps you choose colours and branding before proceeding
  • Make your vision become a reality with before and after digital visualisation
  • Unique colour matching service which means no limits to the colours we can use
  • Free on-site sample service to ensure correct colour is chosen before proceeding

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