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Cladding Coatings are very proud of the quality of our customer service, and part of this is our first class service and attentiveness we provide to our clients. We like to treat all projects as priorities, which enables us to carry out our on-site surveys and provide the client with a comprehensive quotation very quickly afterwards.

Our prompt quotation process is to show our customers how efficient we are and to help the customer identify any issues with the building before they worsen. Deterioration on buildings is widespread, and if left untreated it can cause severe damages. This safety issue is why we aim to complete all quotations within seven days following an on-site visit.

At the initial site survey of your property, we will measure up and assess the conditions on-site and from this, we will create a report which is included in the quotation. Our quotations and in-depth reports will showcase any areas of concern on your property and outline our recommendations with information on the next steps to take to rectify these issues.

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Key Benefits

  • First class customer service
  • Free on-site surveys to provide you with a comprehensive quotation
  • Free of charge report included with all quotations
  • Outline recommendations with information on next steps to take to rectify any issues found

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