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On-Site Samples

Many of our clients often struggle to decide what colour scheme they would like when refurbishing their building and often find it hard to commit to the renovation due to the unexpected results. This is where our free on-site sample service can help.

Cladding Coatings will come to your site free of charge and apply the coating to a small area of the building. This sample can be a single sample or a variety of samples depending on what you’d like. Our process is to coat a small, inconspicuous area of the building, just like you would at home when decorating a room. This way, you are able to see the end results first-hand.

As an alternative, Cladding Coatings can also offer clients a digital mock-up should they prefer this method instead. Whilst the colour on a digital mock-up is a close match, there are many variables with screens, lighting and colour modes which means the digital mock-up will never be exact once applied to the material on the property.

Therefore, by providing samples on-site you can see exactly what the colours will look like and how they appear on the actual building once refurbishment is complete. Our on-site sample service is free of charge and will guarantee the desired finish you were hoping for, allowing you to match your vision precisely with an easy, straightforward process.

We have provided this service on a number of projects including Aquinas College, where it was a difficult decision to decide if the opaque or translucent finish would work best on the timber cladding.

Click here to get your free on-site samples with Cladding Coatings today.

Key Benefits

  • Free of charge on-site samples to show exact finished colour
  • Free digital mockups if required
  • Peace of mind that the colour you request is an exact match before proceeding
  • Match your vision precisely with an easy, straightforward process at no cost to you

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