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Planned Maintenance

Having an aesthetically pleasing and protected building comes from carrying out regular planned maintenance on your premises. Without this regular maintenance, areas that have become weak or damaged will go unnoticed and over time the condition of the building will worsen.

Without treatment, issues on your property will cause more serious and costly damages over time which can often result in safety risks as well as making the building look unpleasant and uninviting.

Cladding Coatings can offer regular maintenance packages for your premises. We will come to the site to examine your premises and look for any damages and areas of concern. Often, we identify damages that will be upcoming and as a result, our planned maintenance services will ensure your building is protected at all times.

If we have identified a problem that is not a major issue at the moment, but over time will become more serious, we can plan and fix this issue at a later date.

Click here to get your talk to us about planned maintenance options.

Key Benefits

  • Pinpoint areas that have become weak or damaged before conditions become worse
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduce possible safety risks
  • Identify any issues that are upcoming and plan them into our maintenance service to ensure your building stays protected
  • Plan to fix less-concerning issues at a later date

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