Coating solutions for any type of wooden wall cladding

Wooden wall cladding requires treating or re-painting over time. Depending on the level of damage to the existing wall, you can avoid the costly process of replacing individual wooden panels by repairing and re-painting your existing cladding.

We have a number of cladding painting systems suitable for wooden cladding that can be applied to your building depending on its current state and level of damage and we also offer a ten year guarantee on our work. Any type of wooden wall cladding such as cedar, larch, spruce or pine can be coated.

As with metal cladding the timber systems can fail this can be particularly found around nail heads and joints. Another issue with wooden cladding is that water can pool which is then absorbed up the full elevation.

Sometimes repair is necessary and can involve cutting the timber away to prevent contact with any pooling water and by treating the full elevation with a suitable system it will achieve a uniform consistent finish throughout.

Surveyors and property management companies specify Cladding Coatings Ltd because the systems we use are tried and tested and we are approved applicators for the leading manufacturers. We will create specifications for each contract so that surveyors can put forward the proposed systems to their clients with detailed indications of how the work will be carried out. We can also arrange free onsite samples to help establish with you the preferred coating type.

Our specialist cladding refurbishment team are extremely talented and have had many years’ experience repairing and re-painting wall cladding on a wide range of commercial and industrial properties.

If required, we will work around your opening hours to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations whilst we carry out the re-painting.

If your wall cladding is starting to decline or is letting water into the building, call us on 0161 626 3493 to speak to a specialist or organise a site visit to your location, where we can discuss and assess the damage in detail.

Whatever the problem, big or small; don’t be afraid to call us for some friendly advice, we’re always happy to offer our expertise and guidance.