Abundant Life Church, Bradford

On-site spraying and painting of doors and windows was carried out to improve the appearance of this tired looking building.

Cladding Coatings were asked to paint the external walls of the Abundant Life Church in Bradford. The external walls required on-site spraying of grey paint to the profiled cladding sheets, a bright red colour was applied to the steep entrance steps handrail and was also used to frame the building entrance.

Painting around the doorway allows the entrance to stand out against the elongated grey façade and the clever use of colour allows the building to have a contemporary and modern feel.

Bradford’s Life Church is one of three sites, this one being the main campus. A meeting place for multicultural and diverse groups, the Life Church is used for a variety of events, for prayer, networking and training. Located close to Bradford city centre, the large, attractive and modern church is well used by the local and wider community.

Previously the external shell of the industrial looking unit was dull, it looked tired and carried the dirt and grime of years of exposure and was in need of repair and refurbishment to the cladding and external flashings. Cladding coatings we able to revitalise the building with a fresh new coating and the church became alive again.

Services Involved 

On-site Spraying

Wall Coating

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