Aircraft Hanger, Greenham, Berkshire

Roof and external wall cladding refurbishment due to weathering, the project included cut edge corrosion repair using Tor Elastaseal.

Cladding Coatings have recently completed the external refurbishment at the site of an old aircraft hanger. The aircraft hanger in Berkshire was used to house the American b52 bombers, the same type that dropped nuclear bombs. The site in Greenham was popular for peaceful protests.

A site survey was previously carried out last year, where we inspected the walls and roofing of the unit after the landlord recognised substantial de-lamination on one side of the roof.

Upon inspection, the plastisol coatings had become worn and delaminated caused by weathering. Due to the dark exterior of the unit, the cladding was absorbing a lot of sunlight, which was causing the coatings to deteriorate far more quickly than expected. We suggested coating the building with a much paler coloured system which will reflect the sunlight and heat, and a system with a greater retention rate to prolong the life span of the cladding.

The roof inspection revealed there was prominent cut edge corrosion on the overlapping sheets, on the roof lights and near the guttering. Cladding Coatings treated the aircraft hanger roof with their cut edge corrosion repair. Using Tor Elastaseal, an industry leading system, to treat the damage of the metal cladding which as a result, is protected by our ten-year guarantee.

The aircraft hanger now has a new lease of life. Work on-site finished in May, but Cladding Coatings will be carrying out an on-site revisit in the coming months, as part of our top quality customer service.

Services Involved 

Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

On-site Spraying

Wall Coating

Roof Coating

Rooflight Refurbishment

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