Aldi Supermarket, Hull

With faded and unprotected cladding, Cladding Coatings refurbished the unit to prevent further permanent damage.

As Aldi expands to become one of the biggest supermarket brands in the UK, Aldi are opening new stores across the country. In Hull, East Yorkshire they were refurbishing an existing building ready to open to the public. The project had various contractors working onsite to achieve the end result.

The external façade of the building was beginning to look unpleasant, and had become worn due to natural weathering and aging. The occupants were aware that if this issue was to be left untreated, this could cause further, more permanent damages – which would then create additional serious issues for the supermarket, such as leakages. The building also looked unsightly and was not good for the brand image of the supermarket.

Cladding Coatings where called in by Jessops construction to prepare and re-paint the metal wall cladding.

We suggested onsite spraying of the wall cladding using our trusted coating system – this would then beautify the exterior, whilst also giving a smooth and protective finish, that can be guaranteed for 10 years.

All the customer facing walls where being replaced with new Kingspan cladding panels but this expense could not be justified in the out of sight areas for loading etc. It was more cost effective to refinish the cladding instead.

The project involved high pressure washing of the surfaces to prepare them for painting. Cladding Coatings worked around the other trades to ensure this store opened on time.

Cladding Coatings used a system from Rustoleum, in colour RAL 9010. It provides an excellent, full coverage coating onto the cladding which has excellent anti-corrosion, weathering and cracking and peeling qualities. The ideal system to use on such industrial units.

The first step was to clean down the clad walls and roof, using our high powered industrial cleaning service. This prepared a clean and paintable surface, free from dirt, excess and chipped paint – it was now ready for coating. Our team sprayed the walls with the protective Noxyde coating, carefully taking into account the environment and members of the public at all times thorough the refurbishment.

The Aldi building now has a fresh coat of paint and a great new look – far more pleasing than before. The unit now has a beautified and protected exterior that they can be proud of. The refurbishment was completed on time and to the high standards of our client – who were highly satisfied with the finished result.