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This building looks really smart and welcoming due to the refurbishment of the external cladding and roller door to the front elevation of this property.

External wall cladding refurbishment was required at this industrial unit in Castleford to refresh its exterior and give it a professional-looking façade.

The industrial unit belonging to AMG systems showed signs of external wall cladding damage and deterioration that needed addressing. That is why they contacted our highly skilled and experienced team so that we could visit their site and assess the building’s condition.

On-site survey for an accurate quotation

We visited the AMG site in Castleford to conduct one of our free on-site surveys. Upon visiting the site, it was evident that some areas of cladding would need some external wall cladding repair work.

In addition to the external wall cladding refurbishment, we established some doors would need recoating and some bollards.

Once we had assessed the condition of the building, we were able to provide our client with a fast and accurate quotation detailing the proposed works. When the proposed works were finalised, we agreed on a work schedule with our client and were able to start work to revitalise their property.

Cladding Coatings

External wall cladding repair and recoating

Before starting any of the cladding repair and refurbishment work, our experienced team of cladding painters thoroughly cleaned the external cladding that was due to be painted. Cleaning and clearing any debris on the external wall cladding’s surface ensures a smooth paint application. Once the cladding had been cleaned and prepared, we could start work to repair and recoat it.

There were sections of the external wall cladding that required some cladding repair work to cover holes and damage that had occurred on the building. The Cladding Coatings team were able to complete targeted repairs to help keep any cladding replacement to a minimum, only replacing small sections of cladding when absolutely necessary.

Once all the areas of external wall cladding had been repaired, we could start work recoating the wall cladding using one of the systems from our high-performance systems portfolio. We elected to use a durable system that offers excellent corrosion protection and is available in a range of colours.

On-site spraying was our chosen application method to ensure the external wall cladding had a smooth and polished look.

Recoating external fixtures and doors

In addition to the external wall cladding coating, other areas of the building needed some attention and recoating.

There was a roller shutter door that required refurbishing and a personnel door that required recoating. It is essential that doors are in correct working order as they are vital for safety and your daily business operations. When recoating roller shutter doors, we use an expert coating system that is 200% flexible and heavy-duty, meaning it won’t flake or peel no matter how frequently the doors are in operation.

At the site, there were also some external bollards that our client had asked us to recoat. Recoating the bollards made them stand out for safety and ensured the building had a uniform finish.

A smart and professional finish

AMG Systems in Castleford were pleased with the external refurbishment work we completed at their site, and their unit now has a smart and professional finish that they can be proud of.

In addition to the industrial unit looking good, our client has ultimate peace of mind knowing that their refurbishment is backed by a minimum 10-year guarantee, meaning it should last for years.

If you are thinking about external wall cladding coating for your property, get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team today to book your free on-site survey.

You can read our case studies here to see some of the other projects we have worked on or read our client testimonials to see what clients have said about working with Cladding Coatings.

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