Ashton Self Storage, Manchester

The expansion of their current unit meant Ashton Self Storage needed to refurbish their premises to produce a matching façade.

We have been working close to home recently, refurbishing a building on the outskirts of Manchester. Ashton Self Storage is a warehouse facility based in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, providing storage services and office spaces to businesses and members of the public. Due to an increase in business, Ashton Self Storage wanted to expand. As a result, they purchased the vacant building attached to their current premises and added an extension to their current building. This new addition needed the assistance of Cladding Coatings to help make it a success.

Ashton Self Storage is located around several other industrial units and businesses; the initial unit was a semi-attached commercial warehouse connected to the former Ashton Business Centre. The unit had been left vacant for several years and was the ideal solution to the client’s extension needs. Although the cladding was left in good condition, the paint had begun to deteriorate and the colour had faded away. They wanted the two buildings to match equally to appear as one single business, so Cladding Coatings were called in to help.

The cladding was once coated a very vibrant and eye-catching yellow colour. Sadly, time and weathering had taken its toll, and some areas had become dull. The client requested we re-coat the façade of the units to match equally, while still coinciding with the bright brand colours. Due to the good standard of the metal cladding, repairs were not required pre-painting – we just had to prepare the surface using our cladding cleaning service. The high-powered wash system removed dirt, dust and residue, producing a clean, bare surface ready to be coated.

On this occasion, due to the location of the building and the proximity of cars, and other important factors, we were not able to carry out our on-site spraying service. This process was avoided so as not to damage any buildings that form part of the other units with the residue produced while spraying. This was a very rare case, which we don’t often have to accommodate; however, as always, we were happy to tailor the service we offer to adapt to the client’s needs. Instead of spraying, our team manually painted the unit instead. This painting was carried out so cautiously that it did not produce backsplash of paint, and there was no mess left behind.

Despite the change in process, we still used the same high-quality and extremely protective system, Noxyde. This Rust-Oleum paint has unrivalled corrosion and waterproofing protection and provides excellent protection against cracking, rusting, fading and peeling. The two colours selected were a bright yellow for the external clad walls and a royal blue for trims and gutters. The two colours were carefully chosen by the clients so that they matched their brand colours and helped the signage of the face of the building stand out. Our team used a scissor lift to coat the external elevations with two layers of paints, to ensure full and even coverage to produce a good-looking building.

The project was completed to spec, requirements and on schedule, leaving the client very happy and satisfied with our work. The newly coated building now matches equally, so it looks like one large unit, protected for ten years fighting against ageing and weathering.

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