Augustus Oils, Alton

This grand looking building saw our team give it a makeover to restore the facade to its former glory. Our work included the cladding, columns, canopy and flooring.

Every façade needs to look professional, secure and well-cared for. It shows the safety or your staff, customers and contents matters to you, and that you take pride in the business you run.

Yet there are some properties that already demand a fine finish simply by the structure alone, and the entrance of Augustus Oils was one such example. Quite grand in appearance, the front of the building has a bold ‘A’ and six Grecian-style columns. The commercial painting finish, therefore, needed to make the grand entrance stand out without neglecting the full extent of the façade.

Planning the project with an initial survey

The Cladding Coatings team arrived at Augustus Oils in Alton to begin working, having already attended to complete a site survey. This was important, especially with a building like this where the entrance and the main building were very different in composition, style and finish.

The survey also allowed our experienced team to give the project and facilities managers an accurate assessment of the work and to quote, taking into account any additional work that we may foresee. For example, we based our costs on the assumption that we would be able to remove and reinstate the fencing on the side area of the property, and drive our MEWPS on the grass next to the building. It’s crucial to notify building owners of these issues and address them, so they can be conscious of their project plans and expectations, and be even more confident in our experience and expertise.

Preparing and painting the property

Preparation work was key for Augustus Oils, so we began this project with cladding cleaning (as we do for every piece of work we complete). This involved removing dirt, debris and grime, as well as flaking paint to make sure a smooth surface was ready for our expert paint application.

Our Cladding Coatings team installed our trusted paint systems to the cladding panels on the front and left elevations, as well as the exterior of the three fire doors and frames near the rear and right elevation.

Cladding Coatings

We then turned our expert attention to the distinctive entrance, painting the three canopies and their roofs, sides and ceilings. The larger canopy needed a little more care, so we also painted its columns and the floor beneath it. The floor used a specialist system known as a two pack epoxy, and our work included blister removal. This meant that the areas where the floor looked unsightly and had a bubbled, causing a protection trip hazard, were rectified – showing our team are committed to health and safety at every level for every project, every time.

Complete peace of mind for any type of property

Of course, Augustus Oils benefit from our minimum ten-year guarantee that accompanies all our commercial painting, on site spraying and roof coating projects – and more – to give the ultimate peace of mind for every piece of work we do.

Whatever type of property you own, you need a team who can take care of every single detail. Putting your trust in Cladding Coatings provides you with a professional façade finish to be proud of. Talk to our team today for advice and to book in your site survey, followed by a detailed, no-obligation quote.

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