Beechfield Brands, Bury

Cladding repairs were carried out to this property to cover holes and marks made by previously installed equipment.

Our unrivalled understanding of all things cladding was required to carry out this cladding maintenance and repair project for a new client in Greater Manchester.

Cladding coating, maintenance and repairs may be what we’re best known for. Yet it was our cladding knowledge and wider building maintenance expertise that were called upon to deliver this property repair work scheme for one of our latest clients, Beechfield Brands.

The importance of appearance

Beechfield Brands is an ethical and environmentally-focussed clothing retailer with a unit in Bury, close to our Cladding Coatings head office in Oldham. They have a unit at Silverpoint in Moorfield: a busy location, home to a well-travelled road network and numerous shops, restaurants and cinemas at nearby shopping centres and retail parks. To make sure customers noticed their unit for the right reasons, Beechfield Brands needed some cladding maintenance and repair works carrying out on their building.

Aware of their locality to property maintenance experts, they asked our team here at Cladding Coatings to come and take a look at their unit to see how we could help meet their cladding maintenance and repair needs.

Cladding knowledge for fire safe repairs

The project may not have involved the cladding coating or refurbishing work that we’re best known for. Yet a strong understanding of cladding, its usage and its properties was required to tackle this project at Beechfield Brands and carry it out to the exacting standards to meet both the client and their insurers’ needs.

Firstly, our team supplied and fitted fire rated expanding foam to all the holes around the pipes, where they were passing through the cladding. To do this, we needed to trim the expanding foam and apply filler over the top to make the profile of the adjacent cladding. Here, it’s clear how our cladding expertise was vital to understand the cladding’s properties, so we could supply the correct foam and fit it expertly around the cladding.

Cladding Coatings
cladding maintenance Beechfield Brands Bury

Covering cladding for property security

Secondly, we needed to address the holes and cuts in the cladding. These had occurred due to different usage over time. For example, some holes were redundant, as they had been previously used to secure signage or CCTV systems, which had now been removed.

As cladding experts, our team knew that carefully covering the holes was vital for a secure and protected building both inside and out. To do this, we applied filler or steel capping to the small holes and cuts in the cladding, as appropriate, to make sure the building was protected.

Protecting a property is vital. Whether you’ve had a surveyor recommend essential works, insurance requirements dictate a secure external façade, or you simply take pride in your building’s appearance and safety, cladding and other building maintenance and repairs are crucial for your operations.

At Cladding Coatings, we specialise in cladding maintenance. Yet that also includes work, like that we did here for Beechfield Brands, where a thorough understanding of cladding is crucial for a safe installation process. Our experienced team often identify these types of issues during our free of charge site survey. These surveys are followed by a fast quotation for our work, which is all backed by happy client testimonials and a minimum ten year guarantee.

To find out more about the scope of building and cladding maintenance work we offer, get in touch with a member of the Cladding Coatings team today. Whatever the nature and use of your building, our external building repair and refurbishment expertise is carried out with minimal disruption to your day to day operations, health and safety front of mind, and the backing of industry-leading systems and processes.

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