Bibby Distribution, Scunthorpe

Refurbishment of a large 9,000m2 facade at a fully operating distribution facility. The cladding had deteriorated and required new brand colours.

A leading logistics firm, Bibby Distribution called in Cladding Coatings, needing their expert refurbishment skills to renovate their tired building. Bibby Distribution have a large site based in Scunthorpe – a large industrial town in North Lincolnshire – and the unit itself is located on a large, busy industrial estate in the city centre. Due to the large size of the building, its location and the significance of the brand image of the logistics firm, it was paramount that the industrial unit looked great.

Cladding Coatings arrived on site to investigate the state of the industrial building and offer a free onsite survey. When examining the building, we discovered that the paint was worn, and the facade was not protected against harsh weather conditions. The existing blue paint had begun to fade and look unsightly, meaning it also no-longer matched the Bibby Distribution branding.

After examination, we reported back on the areas of concern. Our feedback gave the client an idea of which areas had been affected by maintenance neglect; in this case, it was the walls and roofs that had suffered from paint deterioration, which had become visible even from the roadside. After we explained our thoughts and processes to our client, and advised what we could do to help, they were happy for us to go ahead and begin work on their building. The client was keen to get started to prevent any further damage to their building, such as corrosion and rust impairments.

We started work in summer 2018. We began our refurbishment process by jet washing dirt with our professional cladding cleaning service, which helped the grime and loose paint begin to loosen off the walls. We then had to prepare the wall surfaces ready for on-site spraying. During this time, we used Rust-Oleum Noxyde paint in a crystal white, which matched the Bibby Distribution branding. We used this particular paint system as it has exceptional coverage and high protection qualities; in fact, Rust-Oleum Noxyde is one of our preferred systems to use during our renovation services due to the excellent results it achieves time and time again.

Our on-site spraying service was the ideal solution to treat and repair this building, allowing for a clean, even, highly-protective and beautified industrial unit. This refurbishment was important for our client as the building is based on a large industrial estate, thus needed to project a strong, professional image to deliver a great impression to their customers and passing traffic.

This project for Bibby Distribution in Scunthorpe was one of the largest units we have worked on here at Cladding Coatings and had a time scale of several months to complete in full.

As for all our services, we offered a 10 year guarantee on our work: ensuring our clients were happy and confident in the exceptional standards we achieve.

Services Involved 

On-site Spraying

Wall Coating

Factory Door Coating

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