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A returning customer needed our services to repaint the internal flooring in the factory. The new bright finish helps to improve safety and cleanliness.

Health and safety and operational needs saw us take on a vast floor painting project, transforming poor floor conditions and making floor signage visible and vibrant.

Your factory floor needs to withstand a huge amount of traffic. With constant footfall, heavy duty machinery and indoor vehicle use, your floor can quickly fall into a state of disrepair.

Brother Industries UK, the recycling technology centre for the multinational electronics company Brother Group, spoke to us at Cladding Coatings about their floor requirements, as we had previously completed onsite spraying work on their external cladding.

Playing a huge part in the environmental work of the global brand, and also boasting its own in-house moulding division, Brother Industries’ Wrexham-based factory floor handled a lot of traffic and housed heavy machinery. To perform properly and keep people safe, Brother Industries knew their factory floor needed refurbishment and repair.

We took on this floor painting project in stages and sections to ensure minimal disruption to our client’s operations while completing the work as efficiently and safely as possible.

Cladding Coatings

Levelling and repair for safe access and operations

Our work began in the main production area. Here, our free site survey, which took place before work began, allowed us to identify the specific areas needing repair and refurbishment work. We fixed the spots in need of attention, before preparing and painting 150m2 where the floor condition was poor.

We’d also pinpointed sections of flooring in need of repair across other key operational areas. This included one location in the moulding area, where unlevel flooring was uncomfortable for office staff. We levelled up and fixed to a secure and safe height using mortar.

Our team also applied mortar to repair key areas at the top and bottom of the warehouse. These areas needed flooring fixing first, then we set to paint on the joints, lines and a doorway area close to the warehouse office.

Hazard and line marking to clearly define key areas

As well as the (vital) repair work, Brother Industries’ unit flooring required the use of high-quality floor coating systems, installed by our floor painting teams. In addition to preparing and painting extensive walkways, we also installed line markings to the walkways’ outer edges and painted partition lines. This is a crucial safety measure so staff and visitors can clearly identify the safe places to walk within a factory and can easily avoid accessing any unsuitable areas and encountering machinery.

For floor painting like this to last the necessary test of time, here at Cladding Coatings we use trusted paint systems designed for heavy duty flooring and to withstand high traffic. Many of our systems are backed by a ten-year guarantee for long-term peace of mind and safety, with the non-slip surface itself backed by a life expectancy of five years – a strong testament to our choice of premium products, our application methods, and the experience and skills of our team.

A broad range of paint colours to match branding

A factory floor doesn’t have to deviate from your brand identity. Reinforce the wider company colourways by selecting from our extensive choice of colour options. At Brother Industries, blues and browns proved popular to cement brand recognition, even on the factory floor. To help you make decisions about colours, we’ll can send free samples and colour charts within days of your initial enquiry.

For Brother Industries, the next stage is to create new walkways, paint pelican crossings and reinstate green colourways to provide clearly defined areas of access. The result is a factory floor coated in heavy duty paint systems that can withstand equipment and traffic, keep staff and visitors safe, and prove a secure and welcoming place to work.

Our specialist floor painting team are well-versed in the right paint application methods and systems to use on heavy duty factory floors, as well as across a range of industrial and commercial properties. Find out more about how the floor painting process works, then get in touch with a member of our friendly team for your personal quote.

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