Cetix Ltd, Rotherham

Roof and wall cladding was refurbished on this unit. Rooflights were replaced and gutters cleaned and repaired.

On-site spraying was required at this industrial unit to refresh the roof and walls.

The Cetix site in Rotherham design and produce integrated process control, electrical and information management systems. As part of a global company, Cetix in Rotherham knew the importance of maintaining a strong and trustworthy brand image whilst understanding the need for a building that is well maintained to house business operations.

That is why they contacted the Cladding Coatings team to complete an on-site survey of their building and assess its condition.

Upon visiting the industrial site to conduct the on-site survey, it was evident that there were areas of deterioration on the wall cladding that needed addressing before they got any worse.

An inspection of the roof also revealed that a complete respray was required to the ageing metal sheets and roof lights would need to be replaced due to their age and poor condition. The on-site survey also showed that two external doors required refurbishment, and areas of the gutter system needed looking at too.

On-site spraying for a professional finish

On-site spraying is one of our preferred methods for applying coating systems to roofs and walls. It provides a smooth and efficient application of the chosen coating system and gives a consistent finish.

We elected to use the on-site spraying method to recoat the two external elevations which required recoating. The wall and roof metal cladding showed signs of deterioration and wear, which could get worse very quickly without the correct treatment.

Dirt and grime can build up on cladding over the years, and not only does it look unsightly, but it can also hide and accelerate more severe issues such as corrosion. Before starting the on-site spraying, we ensured that the cladding was thoroughly cleaned and prepared ready for recoating.

Once the cladding was cleaned and ready for coating, our team started the on-site spraying. We elected to use the 10-year Rust-Oleum Noxyde system as it provides excellent corrosion protection, is hard wearing and available in multiple colours. In addition to this, we also used the Metal Cladding Topcoat from Rust-Oleum. The Topcoat provides additional protection and improves the life expectancy of the metal cladding.

The completed wall and roof cladding refurbishment looked smart and polished.

Not forgetting the finer details

In addition to the on-site spraying of the external wall cladding, two roller doors required recoating.

Doors on a commercial or industrial building see a lot of daily traffic passing through, and whilst they play a crucial role in your daily business operations, they are often forgotten about.

Cetix knew that they wanted their building to have a smart and uniform appearance that looked good and functioned well.

Once the doors had been cleaned ready for coating, our expert team could start recoating them and make them look brand new.

The paint system we used to recoat the doors is heavy-duty and 200% flexible, meaning it won’t crack or peel even when the doors are in constant use. When doors play a vital part in your business operations and logistics, they must be correctly maintained and in excellent working order.

Sections of the gutter system also required some attention. In some sections, the gutter joints were showing areas of deterioration. Our team refurbished the gutter system, sealing the joints to ensure they were watertight.

The existing rooflights were replaced by our team as the condition was so poor that a refurbishment in this case was not an option. Whilst the team were working on the roof area the external rooflight skins were replaced which added to the aesthetics of the finished roof which looked like an entire new roof had been installed.

A safe refurbishment delivered with minimal disruption on-site

With any refurbishment project we complete, we always follow the latest health and safety guidance and advice. This is not only to protect our team but also the staff and visitors on your site. Here, you can read more about how we’re committed to health and safety.

We work closely with our client from the start of the project to ensure a plan and work schedule are put in place to minimise disruption to daily business operations and to ensure a smooth-running project.

Cetix were exceptionally pleased with their external building refurbishment and the on-site spraying of their metal wall and roof cladding. They also have the added assurance that their refurbishment project is backed by a minimum 10-year guarantee giving them the ultimate peace of mind that their refurbishment should last a minimum of 10 years.

Contact our team today for a no-obligation chat or book your free on-site survey here to learn more about our external cladding refurbishment services.

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