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Chiquitos, Hamilton, Glasgow

  • Project: Chiquitos
  • Location: Hamilton, Glasgow
  • Building Type: Retail Unit
  • System: Tor Coatings
  • Year: 2018


At the end of last year, our team here at Cladding Coatings attended a former Chiquito restaurant site in Hamilton, Scotland. The unit was now empty, and available for lease. Therefore, the exterior needed to look highly professional to appeal to potential new tenants.

On a busy retail site close to strong motorway links, just outside of Glasgow, the site was in a prime location with great potential. The property sits adjacent to the large Vue cinema, situated in a big retail park. As such, there were many possibilities for lease. Our client, the landlord, was keen to ensure the property would be as inviting as possible to the next tenant and their wide potential customer base.

The work began in October 2018, ahead of winter setting in. Harsh winters can cause damage to a property. Therefore, it was imperative that the damaged cladding panels were repaired so the exterior was protected and could withstand cold weather, wind and rainfall. Our client knew that failing to ensure the property was protected could leave the facade exposed to the elements, risking multiple problems that could cause long-term damage. To avoid the likelihood of problems, they knew that refurbishment now would prevent a more costly and disruptive replacement project in the future.

After a full site survey and safety assessment, our team began working on the property from MEWPS: mobile elevating work platforms. These mechanical devices provide quick and easy access to work at height and at complex angles, such as across a large stone wall as these images show. However, disruption is minimal as the platforms are used on the site only for the duration of the project, cause merely a temporary disturbance. Naturally, we have fully met all health and safety standards and completed our MEWPS training, so you can be assured of our safe and secure use of the platforms.

Our work required installation of our respected Tor Coatings system to six damaged cladding panels. The Tor Coatings system is ideal for use on projects such as this where, as the images show, the roof is flat and the front-facing facade is composed of clean lines. Tor Coatings delivers a smooth, mid-sheen finish and also offers long-term waterproofing protection, which is ideal for flat-roof buildings that sit in such close proximity to those with a wide range of uses. These high protection properties ensure ultimate safeguarding against possible leaks, whilst allowing the roof to breathe: preventing problematic condensation.

The project was completed in just two days. Not only did this ensure minimal disruption to a busy site, it also allowed a professionally-refurbished property to be presented for lease quickly.

Whatever business the new tenant chooses to run from the unit, they can be assured of a professionally-finished, inviting exterior with long-standing protection: the Tor Coatings system is supported by our ten-year guarantee.

To help prepare your building to attract and welcome new tenants, contact Cladding Coatings today. We will happily visit your site to provide a free survey and no-obligation quotation.

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