Dee Gee International, Preston

This building has been transformed, from a tired and faded exterior to new, fresh and modern looking unit that oozes appeal. A digital mock up was carried out in advance to ensure the colour scheme worked with the building.

In unbelievably tough times, we need to do all we can to support those who’ve kept us all moving. For us at Cladding Coatings, that’s playing our part to make sure the facilities these companies use are safe and secure, with external wall and roof refurbishment and repair services for presentable finishes and peace of mind.

Cladding Coatings

In September 2020, we were proudly on site with a new client, Dee Gee International. Dee Gee International are an automotive company, based at Bamber Bridge in Preston, North England. They needed to make sure their processes were smooth and their appearances professional. Knowing external building refurbishment work could deliver that, they called in the team at Cladding Coatings.

Commercial painting for efficient operations

Smooth operations are key to any business. Yet when large vehicles and frequent import and exports are required, buildings must stand up to particularly heavy usage. Therefore, for Dee Gee International, well as cladding coating works to three cladding elevations, we also carried out commercial painting of the large loading door.

Painting a loading or factory door is vital business maintenance: without upkeep, the loading door will crack, fade, and fail to perform. For Dee Gee International, the loading door is crucial to business operations and, as such, under a great amount of stress. Therefore, our specialist factory door painting team applied a 200% flexible, heavy-duty paint designed to withstand heavy traffic with a long life span.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Polished finish to match strong reputation

As an import and export firm, Dee Gee International needs to instil trust and impress clients worldwide. To make sure their external façade matched their 25 year-strong reputation, we prepared and painted all brickwork windows and doors to manufacturer guidelines.

This colour could have been tricky to get spot on. Yet with Cladding Coatings’ digital mock-up service, we were able to meet our client’s expectations perfectly. Using only a photo of the Dee Gee International façade, we were able to create a digital image. This meant our client could visualise what the finish would look like before work had even begun, for full project manager peace of mind.

Cladding Coatings
Digital Mock Up of Side
Cladding Coatings
Side During Coating

Our unique colour-matching service also meant we could fit the exact specification Dee Gee International needed. What’s more, carrying out the commercial painting project now saved time and money long-term. It meant our team were able to catch any potential problems before replacement work was needed, reducing disruption and meeting surveyor and facility manager requirements and budgets.

Protecting the building inside and out

Dee Gee International proudly hold a vast range of products in stock. This allows them to keep their processes smooth and support their industry well. Therefore, it’s vital this stock is secured.

Thanks to our careful commercial painting work, the exterior of the façade is able to protect the interior. When you commission an external coating project, you also make sure that the inside of your property is covered too by making sure your façade is free from the cracks that allow water to enter. It gives clients, like Dee Gee International, complete peace of mind.

At Cladding Coatings, we’re proud to be playing our part to keep essential operations moving with commercial painting and external wall and roof cladding repair projects like this one for Dee Gee International. To discuss how we can help you, call our team today for a no-obligation chat about your project. You can also find out more about our services and our valued clients.

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