DX Freight, Northampton

A re-branding refinish was required at this logistics facility. A chnge of colour scheme was carried out to the external metal cladding.

DX Freight, a well-respected logistics group, required a significant transformation of their newly acquired Northampton site, which was formerly held by Tuffnells and showcased the latter’s brand colours. To align the appearance of the site with the DX brand image, a comprehensive re-coating project was necessary. DX called in our experienced teams to support them with the re-branding.

New branding challenge

The primary objective was to revamp the site’s aesthetics to reflect the DX branding. The project entailed an on-site assessment to determine the condition of the existing cladding and the scope of work required. This allowed for an accurate quotation and meticulous planning before initiating the re-coating process.

Key aspects of the project included:

  • Re-coating metal-clad areas: These were prominent over the loading bays and were critical to the visual branding.
  • Use of specialised paint systems: The selected paint promised a durability guarantee of 15 years, offering DX a long-term solution.
  • Complex logistics: The site’s high traffic and operational loading bays posed unique challenges that had to be addressed efficiently.
Cladding Coatings

Challenges and Solutions

Working within an active logistics facility demanded a high level of coordination to manage the safety protocols and minimise disruption to the ongoing operations. Specific challenges addressed during the project were:

Health and Safety Concerns: Strict adherence to safety measures was paramount due to the consistent lorry movement on site.

Mitigating Over Spray Risks: Dry fall paints were employed to ensure that any airborne paint particles would transform into a harmless powder upon descent, thus preventing contamination of unintended surfaces.

Working Around Site Traffic: The project required adaptive scheduling and flexibility from the painting teams to avoid interrupting the site’s logistical operations.

Logistics Expertise and Experience

The experienced operational teams on site at DX Northampton were instrumental in the success of the re-coating initiative. Their expertise in logistics environments meant they could anticipate potential issues and act preemptively to mitigate them. By using industry-leading techniques and materials, the project was completed without significant disruption to the site’s primary functions.

The DX Northampton site was successfully updated to mirror the group’s branding, sporting new grey and blue aesthetics that met the client’s specifications. The professional and methodical approach of the team led to a seamless transition and contributed to the overall brand alignment strategy of DX.

The re-coating project of the DX Freight site in Northampton showcases the importance of detailed planning, specialty materials, and expert execution in overcoming operational challenges. The site’s transformation not only reinforced the DX branding but also demonstrated the company’s commitment to maintaining a professional, consistent image across all facilities.

The positive outcomes of this case study underline the benefits of careful project management and highlight the necessity for businesses to adapt and reimagine their physical spaces to embody corporate identity. With a fresh look that resonates with the DX ethos, the Northampton site is ready to continue its operations as a proud member of the DX group.

As a repeat customer, we have worked for DX previously when we completed works at their Bodmin site. Although the works were more extensive, including the roof and gutters, that project was also a re-brand and change of colour scheme for the building.

We don’t only re-paint cladding when it has severely deteriorated but we can simply change the colour or update the exterior to update it visually. Whatever your need for your external building requirements, we can assist and support you. To request a free site survey or no obligation quotation, you can contact us as info@claddingcoatings.co.uk or phone us on 0161 626 4393.

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