Econ Restaurants: McDonald’s, Accrington

This food outlet's roof and walls required cleaning and recoating to extend their lifetime and keep them looking cleaner for longer. Our unique Nano coating system was used on this project.

Working around the client’s needs to avoid site operational disruption was vital at this repair and refurbishment project at a McDonald’s unit.

Upholding high company standards for a household name client, whilst keeping disruption on site to a minimum, was particularly crucial for our client’s on-site spraying project.

Econ Restaurants’ McDonald’s site in Accrington near Blackburn required cladding cleaning and cladding coating to the roof and a number of elevations, affecting the drive thru. Therefore, our team worked to a careful project plan, fitted around the restaurant’s quietest times, to provide as little disruption as possible while finishing work to meet exceptionally high-standards.

Planning for minimal disruption on site

McDonald’s is famous for the speed, efficiency and accessibility of its drive-thru. Therefore, it was vital that we kept any disruption to the drive-thru facility to an absolute minimum. This was even more crucial as the Accrington site is located in a busy traffic area between Blackburn and Burnley. It can be challenging for a business owner to accept closure of key parts of their site. Yet when external building repair and refurbishment work is essential for aesthetics and safety, an experienced team like Cladding Coatings can put a plan in place that has limited site operational impact.

To reduce disruption, we put together a clear programme of work. This step-by-step process outlined exactly which work would be completed, and in what order, so both the Cladding Coatings team and the client project and facilities management teams knew which part of the site would need to close, and when. This kept the site operational in some form at all times, and managed expectations of the client and their customers alike at every stage.

Outlining plans before work begins

A strong programme of works was put in place before the project on site began. This was clearly communicated to the client, and only proceeded with once the client had signed it off happily and was satisfied with the impact the work would have on the restaurant’s operations.

The drive thru needed to be closed in order to work on one elevation. Therefore, the work to that elevation was completed during the morning, at the quietest drive thru trading hours, with the cleaning of this elevation completed at night. To avoid having to close the drive-thru for another stage of work, we made sure that it could be open when working on the next elevation. To allow this, we worked from a position on the pavement behind a wall. It was unusual for us! Yet our adaptive and flexible approach means we could achieve our high standards while working from an unusual viewpoint.

Ensuring either the drive-thru or the store remained opened at all times was vital so the restaurant was able to trade throughout our time on site.

Specific Systems

We identified on initial assessment why the tiles were dirty. This was in part due to the build up of algae and moss courtesy of the nearby trees. We knew, therefore, that our work must begin with thorough cleaning of the existing tiles with specialist detergents, which ensured all the algae and moss were dead and the roof tiles ready for recoating.

Once cleaned, we needed a high-performance coating system that would revive the tiles and extend their life-span for a minimum of ten years. Our knowledge of specific systems for tiled roofing was essential here. We installed our Dac Hydro system to the mansard roof tiles on the site. Once ready, following the coating system we then installed the Nano Enviro system. This protective coating repels water and dirt; instead, it water runs into the gutter leaving the roof looking clean and fresh for longer. Read more about our Nano Coating here.

Polished finish

The restaurant is in a prominent location, near a large cinema, petrol station and other retail outlets. Therefore, a strong image is essential to attract the potential high-footfall. The images clearly show the result of our work: a highly-polished finish to the tiled roof that is clean, presentable and sleek. The rejuvenated roof is now self-cleaning and was far more cost-effective for the client than disruptive and expensive tile replacement.

We’re really proud to have McDonald’s in our portfolio. We’ve worked on a range of their units across the country, and are delighted that our expertise has been proven and recommended by a business with such a well-recognised image and brand reputation. Their trust in Cladding Coatings is testament to our team’s unwavering high-standards and work ethic.

To find out which other household names know, trust and approve Cladding Coatings, take a look here. Then get in touch with our experienced and friendly team to discuss how we can make your building look like new again.

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