Enco Ltd. Elland

This industrial unit on a busy estate required recoating to ensure it match the company brand, replacing the tired and deteriorating look.

This busy industrial site in Elland required external wall cladding coating to make the site look smart and professional.

Enco Ltd. is a family-run business specialising in installing mechanical and electrical pipework. With years of experience and an excellent reputation, Enco knew that their building’s appearance wasn’t up to the same high standard as their business. This is why they enlisted the help of our experienced cladding refurbishment team to refurbish their building to a high quality and professional-looking standard.

Upon visiting the site in Elland and conducting a free on-site survey for Enco, our experienced team of cladding painters could see that external wall cladding coating would be the main focus of the refurbishment work on this project.

Cladding Coatings
Before Coating Work Began
Cladding Coatings
After Coating

External wall cladding coating using expert systems

The external wall cladding at Enco showed signs of deterioration and looked tired and dull. It is essential to tackle deterioration on your metal wall cladding as soon as problems start to arise. Cladding Coatings got to work preparing the external wall cladding ready for re-coating using our expert paint systems.

Firstly we cleaned and prepared all of the external cladding elevations that were due to be re-coated. Correctly preparing the surfaces and removing any debris before applying paint ensures a smooth and consistent paint application giving a professional-looking finish.

We elected to use a high-quality coating system for the external wall cladding on this project. The chosen system has excellent anti-corrosion properties and is hard wearing to withstand external elements such as the weather and debris. You can read more about our high-performance coating systems in our system portfolio here.

Minimal disruption on-site for a safe and secure project delivery

Enco’s site is based in a busy industrial area in Elland. Not only did we have to be cautious not to disrupt business operations on-site for our client, but we also had to be mindful of other businesses in the immediate area surrounding Enco’s site.

The Cladding Coatings team works hard to ensure disruption is kept to an absolute minimum when working on any site. Where this isn’t possible, we work closely with our client to establish a plan of when the most suitable time would be to complete certain aspects of the refurbishment.

We like to keep disruption to a minimum on-site, and we also work hard to ensure all health and safety regulations are adhered to protect our team and the staff and visitors at your site. Read more about our commitment to health and safety.

Minimum 10-year guarantee

As a building owner, you can rest assured knowing that a Cladding Coatings refurbishment is of the highest quality standards. Our team strive for consistency and have excellent attention to detail.

Enco had an experienced and knowledgeable team completing their cladding refurbishment. They also had the reassurance that a minimum 10-year guarantee backs all the systems and services used on the external wall cladding.

All of the systems we use and our services are backed by a minimum 10-year guarantee, with some coating systems providing even longer guarantees.

This minimum 10-year guarantee gives our customers the peace of mind that their cladding refurbishment will look good and perform well for a minimum of 10 years.

External wall cladding coating was completed for Enco, and their industrial site now looks smart and professional.

If your wall cladding is looking tired or showing signs of deterioration, why not give our knowledgeable team a call and book your free on-site survey, where our team will visit your site and assess the condition of your building. Alternatively, we can complete drone surveys for those areas of your building that are particularly difficult to see for an additional fee.

Contact our team to learn more about our external wall cladding coating services.

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