Sharrocks Ltd., Wrightington and Sandbach

Onsite spraying was carried out at two sites to freshen up the exterior of the buildings leaving them looking like new again.

Refurbishing your building’s exterior is important for a professional, well-presented and on-brand face for your business. However, recoating necessities go far beyond appearances.

One of our recent clients, Sharrocks Ltd., knew this to be the case when they contacted our team here at Cladding Coatings last year. Sharrocks Ltd. are tractor and machinery specialists. They offer a huge range of machinery for agriculture, grass care and other land management requirements. Specialists in the sales, service and repair of industrial plant and genset engines, they hold extensive stock for parts at their UK-based depots. Therefore, the operation of their business rests heavily on safe, secure and undamaged products.

A property that is not well-protected is likely to suffer damage that infiltrates into the interior. This includes water seeping through cracks in an open joint, corrosion that impacts on structural safety, and blockages causing a build-up of debris and an additional load to bear. These potential problems all put the contents of a building at risk.

To protect their stock and ensure optimal business performance would not be hindered by building complications, Sharrocks Ltd. instructed us here at Cladding Coatings to provide our recoating service to two sites: their Northern Depot in Wrightington and their Midlands Depot in Sandbach.

In October 2018, our team began with external decoration at both depots. The core of our work involved the installation of our trusted 10-year Noxyde system to the front and side elevations of both buildings. Noxyde’s exceptional corrosion protection properties mean it was ideal for use on both buildings. It is a water-based paint, so it has incredible elasticity. When applied, it therefore creates a flexible, rust-inhibitive membrane with great expansion capabilities. This ensures the paint does not split and crack, which therefore stops water seeping through dry cracks in a metal exterior that occur during expansion and contraction.

We spent only a week working on either site: a mere two weeks in total. This ensured that the project was finished promptly and efficiently, causing minimal disruption to day-to-day business operations.

At Cladding Coatings, we can ensure your valuable stock is protected by refurbishing and recoating your building’s exterior. To find out more, and for a free, no-obligation site visit for a survey and quotation, contact our friendly team today.

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