Fox Moving & Storage Ltd, Stourbridge

This storage warehouse in Stourbridge required re-spraying as the cladding on the top elevation had suffered from fading paint.

A washed out, declining façade did not deliver the professional look Fox Moving & Storage wanted to portray to the public. Their building’s exterior needed rejuvenating to improve its appearance and ensure optimal protection against further deterioration. Our team at Cladding Coatings were on hand: our on-site spraying service was the perfect solution to renovate and beautify the building.

Fox Moving & Storage have a large industrial unit in the busy town of Stourbridge, which is the home of their distribution centre. They work both within Stourbridge and across the rest of the UK, providing both domestic and commercial customers with a highly-efficient and professional relocation solution, including removals, packaging, office clearances, and storage.

The premises itself is based on a small but crowded industrial estate just outside Stourbridge town centre. Surrounded by many other industrial units, the deteriorating appearance of the Fox Moving & Storage unit façade soon became increasingly apparent next to the attractive neighbouring businesses. Their well-maintained buildings made the Fox Moving & Storage premises look like an eye-sore and stand out for the wrong reasons. With this unit located on the very edge of a busy main road, the look of the façade became even more troubling to the landlords.

The building is evenly divided between masonry and metal cladding. The cladding on the top elevation had suffered from paint fade, leaving the exterior looking dull and worn. Knowing this was giving a bad first impression to the passing public, the tenants contacted Cladding Coatings for their refurbishment advice.

An initial site survey was carried out to assess the severity of the damage. Fortunately, we found that the metal cladding itself was still in good condition and had not suffered any form of corrosion (something that is very common with neglected buildings). This meant our on-site spraying service was all that was needed to restore this unit. On-site spraying is the process of repainting the wall cladding of a building, leaving a fresh and protected new paint coating. Thrilled with this proposal, the client picked two exciting new colours to repaint the exterior: a bright green for the walls and a vibrant red for the roller shutter doors. Not only do these colours make the building stand-out and capture positive attention, they also fit perfectly with the company’s brand colours.

Colours selected and services approved, the transformation began in May 2018. Stage one was to prepare the metal surface ready to be spray painted. We did this using a powered jet wash to clean the elevations and doors, producing a fresh face ready to be painted. We installed the highly-protective Rust-Oleum Noxyde system to the clad walls and roller shutter doors. This system is one of our favourites to use due to its exceptional results time and time again. Our work not only leaves the building well-protected for at least a decade, but the finish is attractive with a striking appearance.

The building was completely transformed from a dull and dreary industrial unit to a colourful building that looks as good as new in just two short weeks.

With a freshly coated building came a very happy client, who was overjoyed with the results of our refurbishment. Just like all our services, our on-site spraying is backed by our 10-year guarantee, but rest assured we will be back to Stourbridge in the next few years to check our results are still standing the test of time.

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Services involved:

On-site Spraying

Wall Coating

Factory Door Coating

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