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Following an enquiry from the Facilities Manager from Fugro Engineering Services (FES) we were asked to assess their site in terms of the building roof and external walls with a view to providing metal cladding protection and also improving the general appearance of the premises.

FES is a global company offering a wide range of geo technical ground investigation services, there recent projects have included harbour developments and mining infrastructure.

On visiting the site our Assessor found that the roof was soiled and corroding at sheet ends and the roof lights were also heavily soiled and cracked in places. We also found the factory coating to the fascia’s doors and windows had faded substantially which didn’t create a professional and welcoming first impression for visitors.

FES were pleased with our quotation so our team went ahead with our plans to improve the site. The roof was cleaned and coated using the Rust-Oleum Noxyde system and the roof lights were also cleaned and sealed using Vernac which improved the durability of the roof lights and the natural light entering the building.

All the doors, windows, fascia’s and bollards were painted using a high performance system following a full clean of the vertical elevations.

The finished result was a new fresh looking premises which FES have found improves the appearance of the premises for employees and customers, protects the building from weathering and prevents the need to replace or repair the metal cladding.

We have also recommended a maintenance programme for FES to ensure the general upkeep of their site is managed and therefore further costs are kept to a minimum.

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