Fusion Group, Chesterfield

This large building has many windows, doors gutter systems and metal cladding to its exterior. Damaged panels required replacing and then a full re-spray was carried out.

Attention to detail is key when refurbishing a commercial or industrial building, and our on-site spraying team work hard to ensure your building looks its best.

Fusion Group is an international company. They manufacture, design, and distribute electrofusion fittings, PE ball valves and other similar products.

As leaders in their field, they recognised the need for their site in Chesterfield to represent their company in the best possible way and ensure it stands out for the right reasons.

They contacted Cladding Coatings to take a look at their industrial site in Chesterfield when they noticed the exterior was starting to look worn and run down.

Initial on-site survey

The Cladding Coatings team visited the site in Chesterfield to conduct one of our free on-site surveys to establish what the condition of the building was like.

Upon visiting the site and completing the survey, it was evident that areas of the metal cladding, gutters, trims, and flashings were looking faded and dirty. It was clear that they would all require cleaning and recoating to refresh and restore them. There also areas showing damage from impact that would require repair and possibly replacement.

Having completed a detailed on-site survey, we were able to provide our client with an accurate quotation in a timely manner.

Once the client was happy with the proposed works and a schedule was agreed we were able to begin refurbishment work to restore their property.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Cladding Cleaning for smooth paint application

Before starting the on-site spraying work to recoat the cladding and external features, the team needed to thoroughly clean and prepare the exterior to ensure a smooth paint application.

Dirt and debris can build up on metal cladding surfaces and gutter systems over time. Not only does it look unsightly, but it can also cause severe problems for your property.

Dirt and debris on metal cladding can lead to deterioration of your metal cladding or even accelerate damage that has already occurred.

Dirt and debris in gutter systems can lead to blockages, which in turn means water can’t flow freely away from your property. This can lead to holes and cracks in the gutter system.

We use high-powered professional systems to ensure your property is clean and free of debris before starting the refurbishment work.

Cladding Coatings

On-site spraying for a consistent cladding finish

Once the surfaces were cleaned and prepped, we could start the on-site spraying work to refresh the external façade.

For the on-site spraying of the external elevations, we used a trusted expert coating system that is ideal for on-site spraying. Noxyde® by Rust-Oleum provides excellent protection against corrosion and is highly durable. It is also available in various colours, making it an ideal solution to recoat your external metal cladding.

In addition to areas of wall cladding coating on the property, the Cladding Coatings team also refurbished the property’s external features, including gutters, downspouts, drip sills, flashings, and external surrounds. Our on-site spraying method was used to recoat these items in a vibrant Poppy Red colour that nicely contrasts against the metal wall cladding. Areas of damage were expertly replaced with new sheets as necessary.

Extra care was taken around the many doors and windows on this extensive property.

A guaranteed safe and secure refurbishment project

As with any refurbishment project, we ensure that our team always works safely on-site, installing the relevant access equipment and ensuring perimeters are put in place to protect staff and visitors to your site. It is imperative that our team are kept safe on-site whilst working hard to ensure the safety of your staff and site visitors. Here, you can read more about how we are committed to health and safety.

When working on-site, we work closely with our client to agree on a work schedule to ensure absolute minimal disruption is caused to your daily business operations. When it isn’t possible to complete aspects of the refurbishment work when your site is operational, we arrange to complete work at a more suitable time for our client. Read more about how we can complete refurbishment work around your business operations.

You can rest assured that your Cladding coatings refurbishment project is of the highest quality standard. Our team have years of industry experience and have excellent attention to detail to ensure your on-site spraying project stands out for the right reasons.

You also have the added peace of mind that a minimum 10-year guarantee backs all the services and systems provided by Cladding Coatings.

The finished façade at Fusion Group now stands out for the right reasons and has an impressive-looking finish that looks smart and professional.

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today if you want to learn more about our on-site spraying service or any of the other external refurbishment services we offer. Alternatively, you can book your free on-site survey here.

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