Golbourne Business Park

Several unit shopfronts at this enterprise park have been refurbished carefully to renew the doors and windows that were in need of updating.

Our specialist team of onsite commercial painting specialists were at Golbourne Enterprise Park to refurbish some unit shop fronts.

The enterprise park contained several businesses whose premises needed a refresh, so our team were called in to assist. The mixed estate comprises of traditional high quality, self-contained industrial buildings with sizes ranging from 4,105 sq ft up to 8,210 sq ft.

On the properties there were doors, windows and railings that required repainting as they were starting to show signs of deterioration and the owner was aware that by leaving them without any maintenance would be more costly long term as the deterioration progressed.

Without a re-painting them, they also knew that it wasn’t a good impression to the customers who visited the units. The shopfronts needed to look welcoming and easy on the eye, so people were focussing on the services offered and not the state of the paintwork.

The client, Whittle Jones, has used Cladding Coatings services for many years to refurbish and maintain their properties to a high standard and have seen the benefits time and time again.

Many people are not aware that aluminium doors and windows can be re-coated. They don’t need to be replaced, they can be treated, repaired, and repainted to look like new again with minimum disruption and significantly lower cost than to replace them.

Onsite our teams set to work preparing for painting. This is a detailed task as they need to ensure that all areas are correctly masked to avoid paint reaching the areas it shouldn’t. On this project there was a lot of detailed areas due to them being aluminium windows and doors, so there were plenty of masking to be done around all the edges to complete the preparations.

Then the existing paintwork needs cleaning professionally, this is to remove any flaking paints, reveal any hidden corrosion, and eliminate grease, dirt or algae which can sometimes be found on properties that haven’t had regular cleaning processes in place.

Once prepared for work to begin, our skilled painting team proceeded to paint all the doors and windows using a suitable primer and topcoat system. We always specify a paint system specifically for each project we do as it depends on the existing surface, weather conditions, colour choices and customer requirements.

In this case a big part of the selection was the colour choices. We visited site in advance of work starting to do some colour matching which ensured that the best paint was chosen to complete the work. We can specify paint to match almost any colour which is particularly important on projects where the brand colour is the main feature. On this project the units all needed to match and use the same colour schemes.

Our teams completed the painting work and then were able to remove the masking to reveal the finished result. Once painted the unit fronts looked amazing, just like new again. The occupants were very happy, and the refreshed facades looked really inviting for clients attending the premises.

We offer a high quality finish on all the jobs we complete whether they are big or small. We take pride in painting to a high standard using top quality paint systems.

If you have a unit that requires a refresh then get in touch with our team who will be happy to assist arranging a free site visit, no obligation quotation and free colour matching and onsite sample services.

Ask us about our guarantees available and check out our testimonials to see what our customers think of our work.

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