GW Groundwork, Warrington

Exterior refurbishment was carried out two similar units including the windows, fascias, soffits and external staircases. This was to increase the rentability of the vacant buildings.

Over winter, we worked closely with a long-standing client to complete an external refurbishment of two empty office blocks on a site in Warrington.

Our client, a builder, was keen to increase the rentability of these properties as both were currently vacant. We had worked closely with this client in the past, so we were pleased that they’d developed a strong trust in our reliable and professional approach and had asked our team to complete this new project.

Four key members of our team – Jake, Brian, Shaun and Pete – worked to complete the project over the winter months. The work involved exterior refurbishment across two similar units of the windows, fascias, soffits and external staircases.

The units have prominent office entrances made up of multiple window panes, with guttering and staircases an obvious element of the structure. Our team repainted the white external elements (which had accumulated dirt and debris, and looked worn and faded) with a strong, solid black, making the units stand out with a smart, professional finish. The staircases were finished with a prominent yellow trim, giving them an aesthetically-pleasing finish with health and safety in mind.

As the units were currently empty, the timing was ideal for completing the work. Disruption was significantly minimised, as no building occupants were impacted by our work. Prospective tenants could also take on a rental agreement knowing that the repair of their offices was as up to date as possible, and therefore that they would not be impacted by refurbishment works for many years to come.

The improvement of the units externally made them look inviting to potential tenants. Our client could confidently offer well-presented units that looked professional and appealing to prospective occupants, increasing the chance for prompt rental at the client’s ideal target rate.

Our work was noticed across the wider estate where the two units sit. We’re proud to say that we have since quoted for similar work on three neighbouring properties, who’s owners noticed our team on site and were impressed by the work we were doing. Our quotes have been positively received and we’re hoping to carry out similar refurbishment works on the estate soon.

Our client was delighted with the now ready-to-let units, and the new tenants of the offices have professional units that they can be proud of and are inviting to their own clients and customers.

If you have a property that you’re looking to rent, ask our team at Cladding Coatings to provide a free on-site survey. We can show you just how our repair and refurbishment work can deliver a professional, inviting finish that helps you attract the right tenants, and quickly. Contact our team for a no-obligation chat.

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