Horn & Bauer, Cumbria

This building was showing signs of deterioration including peeling paint and cut edge corrosion. Our teams refinished the metal and made it look like a different building.

Using 10-year guaranteed leading systems, we transformed this wholesale supplier and manufacturer’s UK-based facility, repairing cut edge corrosion for a sleek, smart finish.

Horn & Bauer is a wholesale supplier and manufacturer of protective garage, paint shop masking products and packaging, working across three sites in Europe. They have high-value stock to house, an international reputation to protect, and a commitment to customer care and quality management. So when they identified issues with the external walls and roof of their Cumbrian facility, they knew they needed to call in Cladding Coatings for professional help to maintain the economical, ecological and social responsibilities they hold so highly.

Cladding Coatings

Cut edge corrosion repair

We carried out a much-needed repair on the unit’s roof where, cut edge corrosion had become a significant problem. There was clear peeling of the metal cladding at the edge of the sheeting across the width of approximately 200m. To repair these apex joints, we jet washed and prepped the cut edges ready for treatment, installing our 10-year leading Giromax system to all sheet ends.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Leading 10-year systems for walls, windows and doors

For the unit’s walls, we attended to all four elevations. Our team began by preparing the external cladding, then refinishing using a 10-year system. This long guarantee is something we pride ourselves on here at Cladding Coatings, giving our customers peace of mind that the paint system will last for at least a decade.

Cladding Coatings

Next, we spray painted all sides of the building’s trims, fasicas and gutters, covering an area of approximately 560m2, before preparing the windows and doors for restoration. This included four flat loading doors, four personnel doors, and four large bay windows across all four building elevations. Once again, we installed a leading 10-year system: Zinsser, in anthracite grey. This is an exceptional system – an ultimate performance paint that is highly resistant to cracking, blistering, flaking, mould and even extreme weather, whilst still maintaining its strength of colour.

The colour choice was decided after we created a digital mock up of the property in advance, this showed what the finished building would look like in the colour scheme.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

First impressions to match company values

Horn & Bauer’s Managing Director Nick Wood was delighted with the finished building, transformed from a faded blue and white. Here, the anthracite grey satin finish façade provides a sleek, smart statement that greets customers and clients with a clear message of quality and professionalism. It also displays the Horn & Bauer logo and brand prominently with its blue, white and yellow colourways standing strong against the dark façade.

When our clients are proud to leave us a glowing review, it confirms our belief that it’s been a job well done. Nick told us ‘The building looks great – so much better than it did’. As a family-run business, we know how much pride Horn & Bauer take in their company and their work. We’re delighted that now, thanks to our Cladding Coatings team, their UK site has a façade and appearance to do them proud.

When you have a reputation to uphold and need expertly applied systems with accompanying 10-year guarantees, talk to the friendly team here at Cladding Coatings to arrange your free site survey and fast quotation.

You can follow Horn & Bauer here:

• Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/71503185/

• Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/horn_bauer_cumbrian/

• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HornandBauerCumbrian

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