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Guttering repair and a maintenance plan to increase the life expectancy of the buildings guttering and roof areas.

The Cladding Coatings team have recently completed a cut edge corrosion treatment and gutter refurbishment project on an industrial estate in Oldham, Lancashire. The estate comprised of several units and many tenants which is not new for us.

The customer required guttering repair and a maintenance plan going forward, in place to increase the life expectancy of the buildings guttering and roof areas.

Following our site survey we recommended the Tor CEC Elastaseal system to the cut edges and The Tor Elastaseal HD system to the gutters, which is an industry leading system.

On site we found the guttering, as with many jobs, required cleaning first. The maintenance plan also included a recommendation to have all gutters cleaned annually to avoid build up of vegetation and blockages which may affect the rainwater system of the building.

We also found that because, by nature, guttering holds water, both stationary and flowing, corrosion to the edges of the guttering. Our quotation and recommendations included repairing and resealing all joints to prepare the guttering for the protective coatings we would then apply.

On day one of the project the team started cleaning all guttering using where we can, a petrol pressure washer, in some case we would use spades to manually empty and clear the mud and grime from the gutters. Once cleaned we were able to assess the edges of the guttering which had suffered some corrosion, we pressure washed the clad areas readying this for the paint application.

The cut edge areas requiring treatment were grind to leave a clean finish that was dusted clean of any residue from the grinding. The team was then able to apply the first coat of paint, we used Two Pack Tor Primer to the cut edge areas and Single Pack Tor Primer to the guttering.

The gutters and cut edge were then ready for the first coat of paint to be applied to the prepared areas. The primer was then applied to each bare metal section, Two Pack Tor Primer was applied to the cut edge and Single Pack Tor Primer to the gutter.

We returned the following day to apply the second coat of paint and the bandages where required to the seals and joints of the gutters. The second coat, also a Tor Paint System, called Fibre Text, is a much thicker coat and was applied to all gutters and the tops of the cut edges. Once dry, later that day we applied the final paint system, again a Tor product, to waterproof all areas of the guttering.

Finally we inserted the matting to each down pipe, which as always can be time consuming, we cut each to size putting in place and securing with more of the final paint system.

As with all Cladding Coating systems we aim to meet the customers aesthetic requirements by offering a range of colours, the customer on this project chose Gravel Grey for the gutters and Goose Wing for the cut edges.

The key to what makes our solutions ideal is that we are using high performance systems and our team are familiar with these and very thorough with following the manufacturers recommendations.

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