Industrial Unit Refurbishment, Runcorn

Cladding Coatings returned to an industrial estate in Runcorn to continue refurbishment work on the external walls, doors and windows.

Cladding Coatings returned to an industrial estate in Runcorn, to continue refurbishment work on the external walls, doors and windows.

A year ago we were called to a busy industrial estate in Runcorn, Cheshire where we restored a deteriorating commercial property with our expert coatings and maintenance services. We have since returned to the site, to renovate a neighbouring unit which had also been the victim of ageing, weathering and corrosion.

The metal clad building was beginning to fail in several areas, likely due to lack of maintenance. Areas such as walls, doors, windows and gutters had been the target of wear and corrosion. The tenants were conscious that unless these issues were treated quickly, they would only magnify and the building could soon become a deteriorating money pit.

It is vital that all buildings, including industrial ones, are always well looked after and are regularly maintained to prolong their lifespan. The unit in question had not been treated for many years and damage was occurring at a much faster rate, leaving the building vulnerable and unappealing.

The landlords of the industrial estate in Runcorn called in Cladding Coatings after seeing the results we achieved on their neighbouring units. As a result, we came to examine the site and provided the client with a report of what we believe needed to be done to restore their units.

Satisfied with our recommendations, we secured the project, and work soon began to convert their unit back to its former glory. We ensured that we paid close attention to the walls, gutters, windows and doors – which we would be respraying with a fresh, protective paint system. The specialist paint system we use not only leaves the unit looking attractive and clean, but also defends it against weathering, corrosion and ageing for at least ten years, for which we offer a guarantee.

Step one was to prepare each surface for recoating. This meant we had to clean down the units removing any dirt, flaking cladding, rust etc. Our high-powered industrial cleaning surface was used to expose the face of the cladding to allow a more even coverage and better retention for the paint.

Any forms of corrosion on the walls or gutters were then treated with our cut edge corrosion service. This service repairs the cracks and treats the damaged areas which had been affected by corrosion, which now stops further corrosion from occurring.

As in all our projects, we covered the windows, frames, door handles and any signage on the unit, so they were not affected by the spraying. Washed, prepared and corrosion treated, the unit was now ready to be resprayed – for precision and quality we carried out the on-site spraying on each area individually.

As always, our trusted, protective Rust-Oluem Noxyde paint was used as our chosen paint system. The robust paint was selected by the client in the brand colours and applied to the required areas using our professional spraying service.

The benefit of using sprayers to paint the units rather than brushes is that the finish is much more even and clean, it is also less time consuming and requires less paint than manually painting.

The system was applied to the walls, doors, windows and guttering, leaving an unrecognisable finish.  The refurbishment was a huge success, despite challenges of unusual walkways which meant work was sometimes awkward to undertake. The units were also occupied by staff so we had to work around their operations and the car parking areas. The project was completed on time, to the exceptional standards of the client who was very pleased with the finished results.

The newly refurbished unit is now protected by our ten-year guarantee and is looking like a brand new unit; a building the client can be proud of.

Services Involved 

On-site Spraying

Wall Coating

Factory Door Coating

Gutter Coating

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