Industrial Units, Corby

A number of industrial units needed onsite spraying to refurbish the external wall cladding which had deteriorated and was showing signs of corrosion.

Full façade preparation, damage repair, and repainting of walls and guttering delivered an extensive refurbishment project focussed on a protected finish with a smart appearance.

Our team recently took care of a full external building refurbishment and repair project for a new client, Magna Property Solutions in Corby. A careful onsite survey by the Cladding Coatings team revealed a host of problems at the units on the site, including guttering and rainwater issues as well as damaged and unsightly paintwork.

Yet with an experienced team and a broad range of external building maintenance expertise, our team were able to refurbish and repair all units to the client’s high standards. Here’s how we did it:

Smart and sleek wall cladding coating

To allow for a professional and polished façade finish, we began by fully cleaning all existing cladding, trims and reveals on the unit. Where required, we also chemically stripped the paintwork in these areas to prepare the cladding for full repainting work, before over spraying the areas in RAL 7035. This is a sleek, light grey from our tried and tested 10-year Noxyde system, which is proving an increasingly popular colour with our clients looking for a polished building appearance.

The metal wall cladding was then provided with new box trims at the base of the sheets. Again, our 10-year Noxyde system was used, knowing the client could place complete trust in our approved installation of the paint system. This time, it was finished in RAL 7016: an anthracite grey that perfectly complemented the light grey chosen for the rest of the walls.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Taking care of every detail

Naturally, a professional project to a standard a building owner can be proud of leave no area unattended. As part of our refurbishment work, we fully sanded down the existing timber windows, filled in the water-damaged frames, and painted them in RAL 7016 grey for a cohesive paint finish.

We replaced the rainwater pipes that were damaged, or greying, with black PVCu pipes that matched the rest of the site. We also fully sanded and repainted the protective bollards on every unit in yellow hazard paint, making sure our commitment to health, safety and security was thorough.

Our preparation work extended to the areas of brickwork too. Here, we jet washed the bricked parts of the building’s facade to make sure they were free from staining and lichen growth, which had built up around the units’ exterior.

Cleaning and lining the guttering system

Improved appearance wasn’t the only concern for Magna Property Solutions. Keeping their building safe and secure was essential, so they asked Cladding Coatings to treat their under-performing guttering system. To do this, we began by fully cleaning all the guttering. This involved wire brushing and removing any surface corrosion, so the guttering was left clear and prepared ready for new waterproof coating.

Next, we lined all the gutters with a liquid applied membrane, Fillcoat Fibres. This provided a smooth, fully protected gutter lining, which made sure the guttering system could perform fully and divert water away from the property.

Cladding Coatings

Protecting the brickwork from rainwater damage

It wasn’t only the guttering that was causing water damage to the site Magna Property Solutions. On units A-H, at the gable ends and side returns to the rear, water was discharging over the roof onto the brickwork. This was causing significant damage to the brickwork and timber fascia, so an immediate resolution was needed before the problem worsened.

To solve the issue, we needed to fix new aluminium boxed overhangs to the units. These now allow rainwater to drip away from the building façade, making sure it stays clean and smart as well as damage-free. Finally, we painted these in RAL 7016 anthracite grey, again for a cohesive, professional and polished finish.

A site with a number of units and a host of wide-ranging issues can be overwhelming for building owners and project managers alike. Yet with an experienced team like Cladding Coatings on site, your project is in trusted, careful, expert hands who can take care of every single detail.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help make your building look like new again. If you would like to find out more about the refurbishment services we offer, book your free site survey, or chat to a member of our team today.

Don’t forget: for complete peace of mind, every single piece of refurbishment or maintenance work we do is backed by a guarantee of an absolute minimum of ten years.

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