Keel Toys, Ashford, Kent

This vast 115,000sq ft warehouse has seen a complete refurbishment of its external cladding, windows and doors. Using digital visualisation to help select the best coating, an amazing finish was achieved, leaving the client delighted.

One of our larger projects of 2019 took place over a number of weeks during the summer. We were tasked with refurbishing and recoating the vast, 115,000sq ft warehouse belonging to Keel Toys.

Keel Toys are toy and game manufacturers based in Ashford, Kent. They design, import and export soft toys in the UK from their base close to the M25 and Mainland Europe. Boasting an impressive blue-chip client base and over 70 years in business, the company are skilled in their trade and have a strong reputation to uphold. To maintain their professional image, Keel Toys knew that their extensive warehouse needed to visually reflect their high company standards.

Presentable appearance was not the only concern for Keel Toys. The vast, 115,000sq ft warehouse stocks an impressive amount of product and equipment, integral to the company’s successful operation. Keel Toys knew the devastating impact damage to the stock would have; therefore, they understood that building maintenance was essential to protect the warehouse contents. Fading and damaged facades are vulnerable to cut-edge corrosion, causing cracking, leaks and significant internal problems.

Thankfully, our expert team here at Cladding Coatings were on hand to repair and refurbish the warehouse, restoring a professional image and protecting the building from damage.

Before the work on-site began, we produced a digital mock-up for the client. To do this, we used a photo of the building to create a digital visualisation of how the warehouse would look on completion. Not only did this instil even greater trust in our team’s ability to deliver the promised polished finish, it helped the client make final decisions before work began. Though a digitised colour can never be a completely accurate representation of the finished cladding, it helps decisions to be made and clients to feel confident in their colour choices before the work begins. Digital visualisation is included free of charge with our projects. You can discover more about the service here.

Work was carried out on the walls, windows and shutter doors. After assessing options using their digital mock-up – a significant advantage on a building of such size – Keel Toys chose their colours: light grey 7001 and anthracite. These provided a clean, professional and polished finish. Before work began the building looked tired, dated and showed signs of wear. To contrast, take a look at the images of our work in progress and then, ultimately, the finished facade. Not only is a positive visual change also clearly evident in the shutter doors, the refurbishment ensured they could operate at optimal level: crucial given their frequent usage!

Our team were on-site, on-hand to provide regular updates, oversee and handle all operations and keep the client informed of the work in progress. Our extensive experience working on operational sites kept business disruption to a minimum, allowing Keel Toys to continue their day-to-day work with little disturbance.

The finish is clean, polished and uniform, and we are delighted to have received hugely positive feedback from a happy client. We are incredibly proud that Keel Toys entrusted our Cladding Coatings team with such an extensive project, and thrilled by the results.

Whatever size of warehouse your business owns, maintenance is crucial to uphold a company image and protect vital stock. To chat to us about how we can refurbish and recoat your property, call our friendly team today for a no-obligation quote.

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